10 Funky Side Effects of Getting Stoned

Hitting the pot is both fun and important. Contrary to stereotypes that pot consumption can lead you to your death, it actually brings about dozens of medicinal advantages. Very little Marijuana-related death reports make their way to the public not because it is controlled, but because that is the reality. Beyond getting high, hitting the pot opens up opportunities for recreation and medication. So, it should both be fun and important.

Pot experiences can ultimately vary depending on certain circumstances or factors. The best source of Marijuana effects is its genetic configuration. Cross-breeding has been wildly going on in the Marijuana-legalized communities. This leads to a deeper reservoir of side-effects.  And thus, it keeps the general consuming public on the edge of their seats.  By all means, pot experiences vary deeply and this should account for its relatively large patronage since time immemorial.

One sure thing that makes Marijuana consumption solid fun is its set of funky side effects. These side effects almost always increase the consumer’s desire to get more stoned. Now, we look further into these side-effects and get a hold of the exact factors at play during their onset.

getting stoned

Here are funky side-effects of getting stoned:

1. Increased appetite

Increased appetite is almost always a natural consequence of smoking pot. Certain marijuana chemicals merge with chemical receptors in the brain, giving it an illusion that it is hungry when the body actually is not. Certain weed strains may manifest this strongly depending on the potency of its parent breeds.

2. Light-headedness

This marks as a thrilling sensation according to many users. Imagine getting the feeling of losing your head to God knows where. What is thick about this sensation/effect is that it seems to be believably physical. Thus, you should not be surprised when you see stoned users cautiously holding their heads like these are movable props. Depending on the dosage, this particular effect can vary in terms of intensity. Like, it can actually throw you out on a fit. It should be worse when you are new to the sensation. If you have grown to it, you will realize how amazingly fun it can be!

3. Increased tolerance for conflict

The old claim that hippies are peace-starters is, by any virtue, true! Imagine the whole community getting high on Marijuana. World Peace. That should be the ultimate consequence. But before we get into the social dynamics brought about by pot effects, it is important that we know what goes on in the mind and body when we are stoned and, why we eventually exhibit a high tolerance for conflict. Well, for all you know- the one responsible for this is the dopamine. Imagine dopamine as a vehicle for delivering joy, sadness, fear, etc. The dopamine comes in levels. Now, due to the increased chemical activity in the brain, the dopamine gets to be somehow urged to send in positive vibes to the brain. So, every time you get stoned and start waving your peace flag, you now know who to thank.

4. High yield to beat/music

Bob Marley. Rasta people. Punk artists. Funk rock. Electronic. Yeah! It is Marijuana and these forms working mutually to make you sway your hips, tip your toe, wave your hands, and swing your head back and forth! As to which started first (the music or the effect) is already an irrelevant musing. Certainly, there is excitement in the air between these factors. Thanks to the weed strains, your senses are unusually heightened.

5. Sleepiness

Marijuana is a popular calmer, a sedative for those in pain. Certain breeds bear higher-than-usual sedative properties. Such potency, while relaxes the mind and body, can also ultimately lull one to sleep. This can still be fun if you so desired such an effect. If sleeping is not in your bucket list, you ought to avoid certain varieties. But mind you- insomniacs out there are dying to get their hands of the pot. So, start saying your prayers.

6. Weird and slower view of time

Getting stoned on weed strains leads to altered behavior. Inwards, such an effect also alters your perception of reality. That is not new. What is new is the recent discovery of a pattern present in almost all cerebral effects. The reason why we get to see time go slower or movements going against gravity is because of- you guessed it our brain’s natural resistance to gravity. Thanks to weed strains, this fantasy, nay desire to go against gravity are given a sweet chance (at least in the mind).

7. Uncontrollable giggling

This effect is present in almost all varieties of weed strains. This change in behavior, according to studies, is due to the fluctuations of dopamine levels. This particular sensation shares a slice with alcohol intoxication. It goes without saying that, you are bound to feel extremely guilty, excited, fearful, and yet, joyful when you hit the high notes.

Other funky side-effects of Marijuana:

  • Unsolicited happiness
  • Increased heart rate
  • Pleasurable guilt
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