10 Old Stoner Stereotypes that are Already Failing

10 Old Stoner Stereotypes that are Already Failing

The world has been unfair to stoners. If not baseless, most of the claims and stereotypes about stoners are outdated. These stereotypes came about due to the hurling of doubts and evil thoughts by the invincible judge- the society. These unfiltered perceptions towards Marijuana users credibly shaped a culture of prejudice towards them, lest the general concept of Marijuana consumption.

The best way to counter such ignorance is education. Thanks to online platforms and the fateful legalization of Marijuana in many countries, more and more people are now slowly informed of the truth behind stoners.

Here are 10 old stoner stereotypes that are beyond wrong and are already fortunately failing

  • Marijuana users are unfairly called stoners: The use of the word stoner alone, is already an indication of a dangerous stereotype. Fortunately, people are no longer buying the pragmatics of such terms. In fact, courageous thinkers are now starting to rally against usage.
  • Stoners lose their sense of humor: This appears to be the most falsified statement ever! The truth is that cannabis breed variants are proven to stimulate cognitive function. Certain cannabis effects, due to the THC content, sharpen the mental focus like a tack. Apparently, being humorous is a consequence of a sharp mental state. And stoners are not only funny, but they also are a hundred-percent creative. Ultimately, being high in Marijuana nevertheless opens the mind for deep, out-of-this-world voyage via imagination.
  • Stoners are doomed in life– they cannot land a job, they are forever dumped by the society, they are forever lost, etc: These claims can sadly be proven true whenever the society wills it to. Everything lies in the society’s hands, whether it reserves or passes the verdict. As for the stoners, they could not care less about how the world sees them. They will have to keep on doing what they know is best for them. We live in a free world, for crying out loud!
  • Stoners cannot get a job done: This claim is a complete opposite of the truth. Most Marijuana/Cannabis breeds are dedicated to stimulating the brain and the body to get the job done. Fortunately, this lie is now seeing the last light of the day.
  • Stoners are uninspired. A complete lie, this statement not only twists the truth but also reveals how ignorantly people perceive stoners.
  • Stoners are uneducated. This has got to be the stupidest, most childish claim there is. There is not much any gain promised with rebutting against such an empty stereotype. What we know of at the moment is that people have since dismissed such an idea as a glaring faux pas.
  • Stoners are self-destructive: People who work unhealthily are no less self-destructive as the stoners. People who abuse their body by over-exercising, over-eating, over-sleeping, etc., should fall into the category of being “self-destructive”. There is a very thin line that separates healthy and destructive living. Moderation is the key to everything. So, the next time you get to hang out with a stoner, try honestly comparing health bars with him/her. Who knows- anyone could have been living dangerously nowadays, even with the absence of Marijuana in the picture.
  • Stoners are irresponsible: Recent studies show that people under the influence of hash tend to be more attentive, responsible and sensitive than those who are not. In the past few years, weed user associations in certain countries have gladly gone against the current by breaking stereotypes.
  • Stoners are always hungry: If not baseless, such stereotype is tiring. It no longer applies to the modern weed users of today due to the fact that body responses to the substance incredibly widens with continued use. It should be true for all users. Science backs this up with a simple analogy. The brain, being the center of the body, eventually adapts to every phenomenon that occurs within. Upon tolerating such effect, the brain actually gets used to it until such time that it dismisses the effect for another more interesting effect. So, while you are bound to starve with weed consumption, expect to not feel such next time around.
  • Stoners have bad posture: At times, we choose our posture. But most times, our bodies seem to be bound with a slouching posture for eternity. Weed has nothing to do with that. That is an utter, unforgivable lie!

The world has definitely been unfair to stoners. However, thanks to the advancement of knowledge, liberation, technological achievements and legal and medical discoveries, it is about to change. In fact, the term stoner has now even found its way down the drain. There are terrible stereotypes about Marijuana users that we ought to ditch, and ditch it now we must!

Marijuana has so much to offer to the world. Users have so much to gain from the world. Marijuana is all but a part of it. So, why don’t we reserve all our judgments together and live peacefully, happily and most of all, wisely? Is it not a good idea?

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