10 Stoner Gifts you can Buy for Cheap

Just like all other weed smokers you’d also want to look cool when your smoking weed. Even if you’re just inside your house smoking weed. However, smoking gadgets like vape nowadays are very much expensive, how can you afford something that you can use and still look cool or how can you buy a weed gadget for your newbie friend and buy it for cheap? Need a list?

Here are 10 stoner gifts you can buy for cheap, yes it’s cheap but it totally looks dope

Smell Proof Tampon Tube

For a girlfriend smoker, this could be very useful to hide her stash. This tube is smell proof and has a tiny blunt that can be closed anytime. Because of its look who would ask you to take out your tampon and pour what’s inside of it, nobody I guess. It safe for you to sneak marijuana at parties and occasion and you can also be safe in bringing marijuana to places that prohibits bringing cannabis. It’s cheap and can be bought at a very low price of $19.98.

Mini Sherlock Pipe

Almost all people that smoke weed needs Sherlock, it’s convenient to smoke and it’s easy to use. If you can look at the shape of this Labs, it’s a smaller version of the famous Grav Labs Sherlock. It’s smaller so it’s easy to carry anywhere. Its price is not that high and is very affordable, you can purchase this mini Sherlock pipe at Dank Geek for only $19.95.

Urban Wraps

If you’d really want to smoke in a marijuana prohibited area, you can buy this rolling papers for a very cheap price. This will make you look like you’re just smoking a normal cigarette, however; it can’t fully hide the smell but can surely hide the burning cannabis. If you or your friend like “jay-walking” this will be ideal for you. It’s available at a very low price of only $5.25 and can be bought at your favorite online store, Amazon.

Santa Engraved Hat Grinder

If you and your friend are stoned and are feeling the spirit of Christmas already, then you must have these cute Santa Claus themed weed grinder. It’s a mall, lightweight since it’s made of wood and it has a cute exterior design that’s a Santa hat. This is great to use during Christmas parties and gatherings. It’s sold on Amazon for $24.99

If you have been wishing to give a dope gift to your friend for a cheap price and legal at the same time, you must buy the Little Pot, Colorado. It’s safe and legal to travel with this badge in the United States and to 50 other countries as well. It’s cheap and easy to bring on with you wherever you go. Sold for only $10 on Amazon.

Pocket-Sized Scale

For any stoner, you must have a scale on how many grams should you have today or the next day. That’s why this Digital Pocket Scale is a must-have for you and your friend. We don’t want any bias or anomaly in dividing shares, would we? This scale will be able to set the right amount of weed you or your friend should have in one pot session. All get a fair share. This is available on Amazon for only $12.99. It’s worth your money and it’s worth the share of marijuana too.

Colorful Concentrate Containers

Who doesn’t want to have concentrate containers? Everyone loves it! These are non-stick storage which would be beneficial in categorizing your concentrates. This will also help you organize them whenever you’ll use them and it’s easy to carry all concentrates when you’re planning to go on a vacation or on a trip with your friends. If you have a friend who loves keeping concentrates you can buy it for them, it’s only $9.99 on Amazon.

Death Star Metal Grinder

If earlier we had a wood grinder, this time we have this star molded metal grinder. It offers a convenient and easy way of grinding and helps you grind weeds wherever you want to. It’s a cloned copy of the famous Star Wars Death Star, this will be an amazing stoner gift for your ganja mates. It can be bought at Green Goddess Supply for $19.99 or on Amazon for $11.99 only.

Weed Pocket Box

If your friend loves vintage as much as you do, this stoner gift is great for you. Designed as a replica from a 1920’s cigarette case. It’s dope and at the same time cheap. It can be bought on Amazon for only $6.99.

All-in-One Medtainer

A traveler friend you have there? Buy this go-to-kit for weed smoker. It has three functions and that is a grinder, smell proof storage, and water-proof. This weed accessory is ideal if you’re having a trip away from home, to lessen the hassle of bringing all weed stuff, bring this instead. You can buy this at Cloud Culture for only $12.

Have you decided which one to buy for your friend and which one to use? Because of the cheap prices, you might be able to buy them all! Let us know how many have you got now! We’d love to hear from you.

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