A Tropical Way to Get Stoned: Watermelon Strain

A marijuana strain that will give you a smoking experience worth the while. Watermelonmarijuana strain is one of the top-selling marijuana strains in the market recognized for its mellow but lasting effects on both the mind and the body. The tropical flavors are enriched with its relatively rich cannabinoid content that will leave smokers wanting for more. The great thing about Watermelon marijuana strain is that it cannot just be used for recreational but as well as medicinal utilization.

What is Watermelon Strain?

Watermelon marijuana strain is recognized for its indica dominance by 80%. It principally targets your pleasure centers which are a big help in providing comfort and alleviating unwanted experiences of pain. Since it is recognized for its medicinal and recreational utilization, Watermelon strain will be loved because of the variety of conditions it treats. It can be smoked, vaped and infused in edibles depending on your personal preference.

This is the best strain to try for connoisseurs who are fond of the experience of full-body stone. Watermelon strain is no joke, its relatively high tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content is what makes it not recommended for inexperienced smokers because of unwanted cases of paranoia and increased anxiety. An intense hit of euphoria will help you in keeping up with the required energy needed to get through the day. With Watermelon, it provides subtle bursts of cerebral and physical relaxation as well as utter effects of euphoria.

History of Watermelon Cannabis Strain

Up until today, the parents of Watermelon remains unknown. Rumor has it, basing it on the taste, aroma, and effects, its lineage is aligned with the Berry Family. Considering the beneficial effects it can do to your mind and body, we can attest that both its parents uphold definite potent personalities which is a big help in the production of Watermelon Kush. What you will find noticeable about this strain is its appearance. It has fluffy nuggets which are pale green in color blending with its vivid pink undertones. There is a sparse of bright orange hair peeking through its surface coated with thick powdered white crystal trichomes.

Watermelon marijuana strain is not a suggested strain for people who are inexperienced marijuana smokers. Why? Yes, it can be beneficial but its THC level can fly up to 20% which is a risk for those whose marijuana tolerance is low. It is best if it will be smoked moderately to avoid adverse effects leading to an unsatisfied smoking session. It would be best if the intake would be at the end of the day from evening up until night to maximize its effects. It proves its indica properties given that it can give you a lasting and uninterrupted sleep. At first, you will feel uplifted and energized but as the effects kick in, you will be able to experience physical and mental relaxation like no other.

Characteristics of Watermelon Cannabis Strain

  • Cannabinoid Content

THC: The THC content of this strain ranges from 17% up to 20% making it not a suggested strain for inexperienced smokers.

CBD: The CBD content of this strain is approximately 1% at the most suggested for cannabinoid medical treatments.

  • Classifications

Sativa: 20%

Indica: 80%


Its roots remain unknown.


The smell of Watermelon Kush comes in fruity, dank, tropical and pungent scent. At first hit, you will be able to enjoy the luscious taste of Watermelon Kush through its scent. Marijuana users find it very pleasant and distinct promoting lasting relaxation throughout your body. Its alluring smell is one of the reasons why people are seeking for more.


 What you will love even more is the taste of Watermelon strain which comes in a variety of flavors such as grape, fruity, tropical, sweet and herbal.



Watermelon or Watermelon Kush is a proven angel in treating stress-related conditions as well as pain-related conditions. It works well in alleviating cases of chronic pain resulting in a headache, migraine, and arthritis. Its indica dominance is shown knowing that it gives you a body-heavy feeling like you just want to doze off.

Watermelon Kush helps patients who are experiencing severe cases of insomnia. Its ability to relieve the pain that you are feeling is a big help in letting you catch some sleep. The comfort that it is giving is undeniable that you are both physically and mentally relaxed like you are free from all the worries and stress. In addition to this, Watermelon Kush mitigates cases of nausea and vomiting which is a big help in boosting your appetite.

Apart from the physical conditions that Watermelon Kush can relieve, it also works well in dealing with stress-related conditions such as anxiety, depression, and insomnia. This strain can counteract cases of anxiety and depression considering that it promotes uplifted mood and euphoria like you are free from all the stress and worries. Its mood-elevating characteristics are the primary reason why smokers are seeking more of this strain.


The Watermelon Kush is powered with recreational just as much as its medicinal effects. It is a shot of lasting experience of euphoria which lifts your aura and your mood. The sudden effects of happiness are a big help especially for people who are carrying psychological conditions. In addition to this, it helps your mind and body to indulge in a state of relaxation like you are worry-free.

Using Watermelon Kush would be best if it is used before going to bed for you will experience a full-body stone due to its calming and relaxing properties. Another recreational effect of this strain is the sudden boost in appetite. The feeling of hunger is common among strains of marijuana but it is intense with Watermelon Kush. This would be our best suggestion for days and nights of breakdowns that would require a little boost.

Flowering Time

The average flowering time of Watermelon Kush is eight up to nine weeks.

Growing Experience

It is recognized as one of the easy-growing strains making it a suggested strain for inexperienced cannabis growers.

How to Grow Watermelon Cannabis Strain?

Watermelon is a marijuana strain suggested for inexperienced growers regardless of its requirements and preferences. It works well for being grown indoors and outdoors as long as there is good ventilation promoting air circulation.

When grown outdoors, it would be best if it will be grown in an environment with a warm and sunny outdoor climate. It can yield up to 11 ounces of good bud per plant. It is best to be harvested around early up to the middle of October.

When you prefer to grow it indoors, it takes 8 up to 9 weeks up until it is ready for harvest garnering 13 ounces per square meter. To improve the yield of Rockstar, you can use either the Hydroponics or Sea of Green method depending on your preference.

Watermelon Strain Review

One of the most preferred indica because of the calming effects it provides. For some, it is best used before you start your day but at most, it would be best if taken before going to bed for satisfactory results. The euphoria effects are intense that you feel the shot of happiness. What they love the most about it, is its luscious flavor making it not that difficult to smoke.
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