MOM Canada Staff Picks: Best Marijuana Edible in 2020

We decided to have a weekend enjoying our best marijuana edible…

Excited, MOM and some friend’s got away for a weekend before heavier covid phase 2 restrictions came in to the GTA. Seeing the writing on the wall, we decided to escape to Tobermory, Ontario to a friend’s cabin and do some much needing “research and grading” on some of edible products. We have had one simple quest. To determine our best marijuana edible available. We quickly knew this would be one heck of a weekend deciding which marijuana edibles are our favourites, with the goal of choosing a winner. Let’s loo for the best edibles canada on our favourite online dispensary canada.

We are grading the best marijuana edible based on the following:

  • Taste
  • Price
  • Value
  • Dosage

How are we scoring this?

Five of us are away for the weekend, and we each brought 1 of our best marijuana edible that MOM Canada carries. We elected to a scoring system in determining the best marijuana edible that MOM Canada carries. Scoring works like this:

Each staff member will vote on the best marjuana edible of their voice. 5 points for 1st place, 4 points for 2nd place, 3 points for 3rd place etc. This will help you determine the best cannabis edibles from your favourite mail order marijuana site.

We will also award 5 bonus points to the best seller of the last year on MOM Canada. We had to include our customers say in this some how for electing the best edibles Canada.

What marijuana edibles are we selecting this weekend?

Treat Leaf have constantly been a top 5 seller for MOM Canada for years. Treat Leaf has definitely won our best marijuana edible award in the past. Their flavours are amazing. The vast array of selection, is nothing short of impressive. It is hard not to find an amazing flavour that you develop a strong affinity for when looking for the best cannabis edibles.

Treat Leaf (40 mg) 9 pack Gummies

marijuana edible

Their flavour list includes:

  • cotton candy blue raspberry
  • green apple
  • kiwi
  • hawaiian slap
  • blueberry
  • sherbert
  • black cherry
  • gusher
  • strawberry & watermelon
  • cherry cola
  • pineapple
  • cherry blaster
  • juicy fruit
  • sour keys
  • banana
  • cola
  • strawberry
  • bubble gum

Skunky’s Variety Pack

marijuana edibleSkunky’s marijuana edibles are a classic, medicated, twist with a whopping 225 mg of THC distillate in each pack. These are always in the mix for best edibles Canada with their nostalgic feeling for many of us with flavours such as:

  • coke bottles
  • wobble worms
  • wacky watermelon
  • cherry cola
  • sour berry
  • lemonade bottles
  • variety pack

All of us here, really do have our favourites. But many of us opted to bring the variety pack. Reminiscent of our younger days grabbing 5 cent candy at 7-11 with whatever change we could put together. If the award for best marijuana edible was for the nostalgic feeling alone, this competition would not even be close.

Five Point Passion Fruit Pina Colada


marijuana edible

Dose Peach Belini Gummies

marijuana edible

Red Velvet Cookies Canna Co

marijuana edible

Best Marijuana Edible for 2020 Goes to?

3rd Place – 

2nd Place – 


Five Point Edibles

marijuana edibleThis company is new, fresh on the scene. All of their alcohol flavoured gummies are winners. We really felt like we are having our favourite cocktails in a gummy! They are the best marijuana edibles MOM Canada has to offer. While not all of us are looking to escape for that Caribbean trip this winter. Five Point Edibles will have you feeling like you are. Five Point Edibles really had us all escaping reality for the weekend, and feeling like we were sipping refreshing cocktails somewhere exotic while in Tobermory, Ontario. Head over to your favourite mail order marijuana dispensary and buy weed online.


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