Best Way to Hide the Smell of Marijuana

During playgroup days, we are taught to clean up after our mess. We put things back from where we got them, we wipe tables with spilled paint we used for art class and we wash our hands afterward. None of these disciplines should change even if your playtime activities did. It doesn’t matter if marijuana is legalized in your country or not, you wouldn’t want to draw too much attention to you and your delightful habit. You don’t prefer to invite cops during your session or invite your neighbors to peek out from their windows only to see what you’re up to. To avoid getting people into your business, you should learn to hide away the smell of marijuana and experience the high pleasure to yourself.


Best Way to Hide the Smell of Marijuana
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There are different ways to clean up after a session but you can also try to keep it neat before you start. Keeping your strains in the right containers will keep its smell from everyone and can save you from being grilled at home, especially if you live with your family and you have a very interrogating mom. Choose containers with airtight lids like a mason jar or vacuum-sealed bag to hide the smell of cannabis flowers. In situations like this, it’s not best for you to put any cannabis in your pocket because it might linger and it’s not a good sign when mom does the laundry on weekends. There are also custom-made containers for cannabis that you can bring anywhere while being discreet to the public.

Damp Towel

Best Way to Hide the Smell of Marijuana
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During a session, you can use a damp towel under the door to hide the smell from outside the room you’re in. Note that even grinding, dabbing and vaping your weed can be detected and you can prevent that by making sure that no crack is open to let the smoke out of the room. When you are not at home, make sure that the room you’re in doesn’t have a smoke detector because that will also get you into bigger trouble. Keep it relaxed and peaceful by checking your surroundings first before you step on higher grounds.


Best Way to Hide the Smell of Marijuana
Image by sutulo from Pixabay

Keeping an open window with and a fan is the quickest way to get rid of the smell. Ventilation is the key to clearing out any smell we don’t want to be traced out by other people. If you are moving into a new house and you want to take these sessions along with you, better choose a room that will complement that. And because you have considered a specific room the perfect spot to do the sessions regularly, it’s best to keep an air purifier to get rid of the odors weed created.


Another way to keep the smell away is to not make any by using a ‘sploof’. You can DIY this using a paper roll, with either a tissue, dryer sheet, rag or sack wrapped around one end of the cylinder using a rubber band. Or you can also purchase one of those commercially available for yourself.  By then, you can inhale your good stuff and exhale it in a sploof.


Washing up after a session is a necessity because the smell will stick to your hand after holding a weed for quite some time. It also sticks on the face and mouth and will be such an odor to the people you’re going to be around after. You can wash your hands and face with soap and brush your teeth or use a mouthwash you mask off the odor. You can also spray on some cologne to fight it off your clothes.

Shampoo Your Hair

Our hair is the best absorbent of all the pollution outside—dirt, smoke, and heat. We don’t even have to be surprised if our hair smells like the Earth after walking for blocks—let alone the smell of our hair after a session. The smell of the weed stays on our hair for quite a long time and the only way to get rid of it is to shower it off. Let the shampoo sit in and go deep into the hair follicles by massage our head for a few minutes before rinsing it off thoroughly.

Don’t Rush It

You decided to take on a session to lay back and relax for a while so there is no point pushing yourself to sober up. Let the goodness take over your mind and body for as long as you please before you move on to another engagement. Until you have your mind straight and you realize that you can’t go out smelling like pot, that’s the only time you can get up and get yourself together. Do not be tricked that you are back to your senses until you actually are.

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