Best Way to Make BHO Wax and Shatter

What is BHO?

Butane Hash Oil or BHO is a nonpolar solvent that is capable of dissolving all-powerful, polar cannabinoids, terpenoids that add to its therapeutic effectivity. Normally. This is done by washing down a tube of marijuana buds with liquid butane. This extracts the important substances out of the plant almost immediately. It is then evaporated off. The result of this is a pure and potent product that is oily or waxy, can be resinous and sticky with extremely high levels of THC content. BHO is some of the most potent cannabis you’ll ever encounter.

Concerns of safety arise when using BHO, in the process of making it, Butane is flammable and not for consumption and will need to be thoroughly gone from the mixture. Its product’s potency is not safe for first-time users who are not prepared for the THC content.

Choosing the Right Strain

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Making your own BHO allows you to have the freedom of choosing whatever strain you would like to make your oil FROM. But butane hash oil works best with some strains. You might want a strain that’s potent with a high THC level, then you’d opt for the resinous and trichome covered strains. For taste, the strain Fruity Pebbles is highly recommended, and for potency, you can try Kush strains.

How to Make your own BHO


You will need at least two pans, a glass tube, a vector butane, a thermometer, coffee filters, a towel, rubber bands, an insulated cup or container, and at least 10 grams of your strain.

Step-by-Step How-to

  1. Pack your tube with your strain of choice, making sure there are not many air pockets.
  2. Use coffee filters to cover the tube
  3. Fill pan with water just enough to cover it
  4. Wrap towel around the tube well
  5. Hold the tube down with the filter-covered side down at 3 or 4 inches over the pan
  6. Fit tip attachment onto the top of the glass tube
  7. Place the tip of the butane into the tip attachment on the top of the tube and start the process called butane drip.
  8. Let the pan sit in the water until the water is completely cool


  1. Stuff your grounded strain of choice into the extraction tube without air pockets.
  2. Flush with pressurized butane. (With caution)
  3. Use a double boiler to evaporate butane. (Butane is an extremely flammable gas and should be done with proper ventilation.)
  4. Remove all butane with the use of a vacuum pump.

How is Butane Hash Oil used?

There are 5 main ways Butane Hash Oil is used:

One way to use BHO is by consumption by adding it to any edibles. In light of this, this process allows users to enjoy BHO without damaging the lungs by smoking. It is also to be supplied by a professional since butane is dangerous to consume. Its cons, on the other hand, is that dosing with edibles can be tricky and may induce allergic reactions or other problems.

Another way to use BHO is to vape it. Vaporizing BHO can cause less slung damage than smoking it. But in as its risks, like popcorn lungs. Having to buy a vaporizer for hash oil can be expensive as well since not all vaporizers can accommodate BHO.

Topical application is the third way to use BHO. Topical application is commonly used by those suffering from skin problems and arthritis. This has little to none psychoactive effects and does not harm the lungs. Negatively, topical use may not be at all effective in treating mood disorders and nervous system disorders as its other cannabis counterparts as only very few cannabinoids get absorb through the skin and reach nervous system receptors.

Smoking is one of the most common ways people use the BHO. Smoking induces the strongest effect of BHO concentrates. But smoking of any kind can damage the lungs. Elevation of heart rate and blood pressure may also ensue because of its fast-acting strong effects and can lead to an increased risk of organ damage.

Tincture, a tincture is a liquid extract mostly used as drops. It is handy and can be administered sublingually. But all butane should be removed before using as a tincture. The best way to do this is to use ethanol-based tinctures unless it was made professionally.

Is it safe?

Butane Hash Oil made by qualified manufacturers should be safe to consume. When making BHO, there can be dangers to it. Firstly, butane is highly inflammable and should not be used in an enclosed room as it can cause the room to fill up with highly flammable fumes and risk of fires and explosions double in rates. Double boilers are used when making BHO and are done at very low temperature Secondly, butane is not for consumption and can be abused by some who inhale butane to get high. Improperly prepared butane hash oil may still contain a dangerous level of butane.

To tell the quality of your butane hash oil, you can use oil, shatter. Its transparency will tell you the purity of the product. If the BHO was not made to be transparent, you can test the smell or by watching out for flames. Any BHO with too much butane left over can flame up. There are a few ways to tell the quality of your BHO.  First, with oil, shatter, and other forms which are supposed to be clear, make sure the product is transparent.

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