Best Way to Smoke Hash Oil and Use Marijuana Edibles
Best Way to Smoke Hash Oil and Use Marijuana Edibles

Marijuana can come in many forms. The most common form everybody knows is the dried treated buds that are broken apart, burned and smoked. Although some can be creative when it comes to these dried buds, there are other forms of cannabis that can be enjoyed in the same or even higher potency rate. Two of the less known forms of cannabis are hash oil and weed edibles. Hash Oils can be smoked in different ways and Marijuana edibles are consumed through foods or drinks. In all the different ways on how to smoke hash oil and consume edible marijuana, here are the best ones.

Best Way to Smoke Hash Oil and Use Marijuana Edibles

Smoking Hash Oil

Hash Oil is easy to consume. You can eat it (mix it with edibles) or smoke it. It is important to note though that one should be careful with the dosage and quality of the hash oil. THC levels of Hash Oils can go as high as 65%. Hash oil is often smoked with tobacco or cigarette or with medicinal marijuana. It is done by rolling it in a spliff.

Mixing the power and potency of the THC levels of hash oils. This way of consumption gives users a stronger cerebral and numbing high. It is important to be watchful not to allow the potency and heights exceed expectation as smoking hash oil does not have coughing or burn effect unlike the normal smokes of cannabis that prevents you to overdose or hit too much marijuana.

The smooth smoking of hash oil can be done even if you are short on good tools. You can opt to use the method known as hot knives. To do this, you can simply find two butter knives and heat both over a fire stove (making sure to be safe and take precautions as necessary.) After heating the knives enough, drop a few small drops of hash oil unto one of the heated knives and place the other knife on top of it. The heat will cause smoke to form and you can then inhale the hash oil smoke using a straw or a hollow reed or any paraphernalia of the likes.

Another method you can do to smoke hash oil is to use plastic bottles preferably medium in size. Have the bottom cut off and hold over the knives allowing the bottle to be filled with smoke and then inhale it through the top mouth of the bottle.

Using and consuming hash oil is a matter of making sure you have a pure and quality made product as well as the right dosage. Make sure you have the right information especially on dosage and when this is all good to go, you can readily enjoy your smoother and easier way of pain-relieving treatment.

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Marijuana Edibles

Consuming cannabis has gone a long way from its smoking peers. It is slowly rising in popularity especially since most users now prefer to consume edibles to maintain lung integrity. Here are some ways you can consume cannabis edibles:

Edible Strips

Edible strips of ‘paper’ can be infused with THC and CBD and dissolve when it meets your saliva. You just need to pop one into your mouth and wait for the effects. Ever seen or had a breath strip? Cannabis strips are pretty much the same thing but with a THC or CBD kick.

Cannabis snacks

Weed snacks can come in many forms from brownies, to cookies, to cakes, you have all the options of what kind and form of cannabis you’ll be using for your snack.

Marijuana Pills

Marijuana can be consumed as a pill like any drug or medication. Although, pills can be very potent and concentrated and should be highly monitored in dosage.

Breath Sprays

Cannabis sprays are generally cannabis tinctures inside a spray bottle. This inconspicuous way of administering THC is discreet and good for public use.


You can brew a tea out of weed, tea is basically dried leaves, so using weeds and substituting it for tea leaves is pretty easy. Other beverages that can be made from cannabis are beer, coffee, and wine. Although not as popular as eating cannabis, it is of the same effectiveness.


Cannabis tincture is the concentrated extract of the marijuana plant in alcohol or oil-based. This can be administered sublingually or under the tongue. And since tinctures are liquid concentrations, it is widely used for recipes. All you need is a few drops on your meal and you’re good to go.  But nothing beats the fast action of letting it dissolve under your tongue.

In conclusion

Marijuana is a scientifically researched and proven treatment for various illnesses and ailments. Marijuana’s compounds that are used for treatment are called cannabinoids. These cannabinoids can be consumed for treatment in various ways, two of the less popular ways of consuming cannabis is by smoking hash oil or by marijuana edibles, both more inconspicuous and less cough-inducing than smoking the plant itself.

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