Best Ways to Smoke Marijuana Wax

One of the less known ways of consuming marijuana is by smoking wax dabs. Though it is quickly gaining fame. Cannabis wax is a concentrated form of marijuana that typically has high levels of THC and other cannabinoids. Wax dabs are used by patients who are not satisfied by addressing their symptoms with smoked or vaporized cannabis. Since smoking wax is not that common, you may be trying to find a way of smoking marijuana wax, therefore here is our take on it.

What Is Marijuana Wax (Dabs) Made Of?

First off, you should know what Marijuana wax is.  This is a form of concentrated cannabis that’s extremely potent used for both medical and recreational use. The different types of Marijuana dabs are shatter, oil, budder, ice wax, and dust.


Wax is generally used to refer to all concentrates or dabs, but this is a singular type of concentrate. It can be used with a lot of methods, some that we are going to mention here, but is particularly good with an oil rig. Physically, it is similar to beeswax.


Shatter is another form of concentrated extract. It has the physical appearance of glass that is clear to transparent, strong and very potent. The final product of this would feel similar to taffy.


Best Ways to Smoke Marijuana Wax
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Cannabis oils are one of the most potent kinds of cannabis extracts. This far more potent kind is intended to be smoked but can also be used in edibles.


Budder and butter sound alike and has the same consistency too. Although it may look like peanut butter rather than plain butter. It is produced with butane and can be smoked.

Ice Wax

As oil is the most potent concentrated extract, Ice wax is the safest and one of the purest form of concentrated cannabis extract. This is one of the purest and safest forms of concentrated cannabis.  It is produced by extracting the cannabis-using plain cold water and is expected to be like the sand.


Dust is an extreme counterpart of Ice Wax. It is done using dry ice extraction method. Like the Ice wax, it has a consistency like sand and is easy to melt.

Smoking your Wax

Hot Knives Method

One of the most common ways to consume the uncommon and unpopular forms of cannabis, hot knives is truly one of the oldest tricks in the book. This method is simple, easy and so cheap you won’t have to buy anything at all if you have knives in your kitchen. Take one-two knives from your kitchen and heat the ends enough. Remove and place your dab on the still-hot knife blade. Cover this with the other hot knife and expect to combust upon impact. You have to be quick on this one since its smoke quickly dissipates. You can inhale the smoke with a straw, a hollow tube, a pen, a funnel, or a plastic bottle cut in half, basically, you can be as creative as you can be.

Healthstone Method

Healthstone is a porous glass that can be inserted and used as a screen for glass bubblers or bowls. Insert Healthstone into your glass bubblers or bowl and apply a bit of wax on top of it. Apply heat with a heat gun or a small torch until the wax combusts and then toke. Smoke responsibly.

Twaxing Method

Twaxing is simply the process of covering and adding concentrated cannabis wax on your cannabis bud. You can use bongs, joints or bowls to do this.  Depending on its consistency you can try different ways of adding concentrates to your joints.  Heat your wax to honey-like consistency without combustion or burning than dip your joint lightly and pull away when you see thin strings form. The joint is then smoked. When doing the melting be careful that your wax does not drip.

Vaping Dabs

You can find good vape pens for smoking wax on the internet. But you will likely need a separate cartridge and atomizer. Make sure the vaping pen you get has all the parts including an atomizer, a cartridge, battery, and a mouthpiece. Disconnect the atomizer from the battery of your vaping pen and place a small amount of wax on the coil. Subsequently, turn on the battery chamber and then connect the atomizer. Lastly, connect the mouthpiece and take a hit.

Oil Rig

Saving the best way for the last, oil rig is the most popular way of smoking wax dabs. This tool is a water pipe modified by adding accessories on it. Attached to it is a nail made of titanium or quartz. Fill the pipe with enough water for a water bong. Attach your choice of a nail to the intake. And heat. Once hot, put a small amount of wax in the carb cap making sure not to cover the hole with the wax as it will combust upon contact with smoke.


Smoking enthusiasts are getting more and more creative when it comes to smoking different forms of cannabis. No matter what form of concentrated cannabis you choose or how you’ll smoke them, one thing that’s a must is that you should enjoy it. How do you smoke yours?

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