1. Enjoy Pungent Blue Cheese Indica Strain

The Blue Cheese strain is an indica hybrid that combines the tasty profile of berries and cheese to form a unique flavor. In addition, the indica strain delivers a strong sedative effect that will make you incredibly happy and relaxed. Apart from your mind, Blue Cheese melts away the tense parts of your body and soothe your muscles into a comfortable state of jelly.

Blue Cheese – Pungent and Sweet Cheese Indica Strain

What is Blue Cheese Strain?

The Blue Cheese is an indica dominant strain with only 20 percent of its genetics being a sativa one. With a THC potency of 20 percent, this strain is more of a nightcap toke with its powerful sedative effect. By taking a moderate amount of the Blue Cheese strain, you can still function normally and enjoy the sativa side of the strain. In large doses, the indica weed will loosen you up immensely that will shed away the stress and fatigue of the day.

History of Blue Cheese Cannabis Strain

Blue Cheese is the offspring of the popular blueberry indica strain and UK Cheese hybrid. Blueberry is one of the legendary Indica weed that has a rich sweet berry profile and potent relaxant effect. It even won the Cannabis Cup award for the best indica strain in 2000. On the other hand, the UK Cheese was also a cult classic among the UK cannabis community with its mind soothing effect that it does not make you sleepy.

Characteristics of Blue Cheese Weed Strain


The flavor of the strain has the same kind of pungent smell and taste as the cheese of the same name. This marijuana strain smells like that of cheese product made from unpasteurized milk like camembert or Limburger. Because of its blueberry genetics. This strain also has a strong berry profile. Think of a bar of camembert with many bits of blueberry infused in the cheese.


Burning the Blue Cheese will intensify the pungency of the strain. First-time smokers may experience an eye-watering dankness with a heavy pungency of cheese brushing their nostrils. Upon exhaling the smoke, all of the cheese taste leaves your mouth and leave behind the sweet taste of berries.


The Blue Cheese is all about relaxing. Smoking the strain will release a slow-moving wave that spreads across your body. This wave fills you with intense joy and a newfound perspective on everything around you. Smoking the strain will make the movies and music you enjoy much more interesting than before. It will be like watching or listening to them for the first time. Blue Cheese can also make conversations with friends, families, co-workers, or strangers much more interesting. The creeping relaxant effect gradually grows powerful enough to make your eyes heavy and your body attracted to the nearest bed.

Medical benefit

The relaxant effect of the Blue Cheese can provide relief for intense pain caused by various conditions. This includes nerve damage and inflammation. Another main benefit of the sedative nature of this strain is for stress and insomnia. Some people may experience extreme fatigue and stress that it can be hard for them to relax. Blue Cheese eases your mind and body to make you comfortable enough to sleep naturally.

How to Grow Blue Cheese Marijuana Strain?

Blue cheese plants are resilient against molds. This makes it easy for you to grow them by not having to adjust the humidity of the plant’s surroundings constantly. With high resistance to molds, you can cultivate the Blue Cheese outdoors with ease.

You will need to supply the plant with nutrients for growth development such as nitrogen, magnesium, and calcium. These nutrients are common in plant supplements that are available in nearly any gardening store. Do not worry about overfeeding the plant since it will utilize most available nutrient in the soil throughout its vegetative phase. However, it is still a good idea to give the plant just enough supplement it can handle.

The plants can benefit from various growing techniques to improve its yield rate such as the screen of green method. This involves placing a screened canopy at the top of the plants to grow multiple colas where numerous buds will grow.

Blue Cheese Strain Review

Any fan of the cheese marijuana lineup will enjoy the dank pungency of the Blue Cheese. With the mix of the blueberry profile to the aroma of the marijuana, you are getting a complex mix of flavors in one bud. Granted that the smell can make anyone new to cheese strains wince. When you are used to the smell, the aroma is that of delicious creamy dairy that will make your mouth water.

The indica nature of the Blue Cheese hits the spot for many people. Smoking the strain can take you away to a faraway land full of blissful flavors with your troubles far behind you. The effect also gives many people a new point of view to their own surroundings.

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