Bruce Banner Strain – Strong and Hard Smashing Sativa Strain

The BruceBanner strain became popular for its massive THC potency of around 25 to 29percent. With a potency of this proportion, the cerebral high of the strain can give you critically large amounts of energy and bliss. It will seem as if the tiny green monster is smashing away all negative thoughts and pain inside your body.

What is Bruce Banner Strain?

The BruceBanner weed is a sativa leaning strain with 40% of its genetics that of an indica strain. Given the effect of the strain, it may as well be a Sativa dominant one. Bruce Banner delivers a motivating buzz that fills you with energy. This makes the strain a great wake-and-bake toke that will give you the engaging push to help start the day on a high note. The effect can also last for a long time, which will likely bring up your productivity levels throughout the day.

History of Bruce Banner Cannabis Strain

Bruce Banner came from the garden of Jason Holck from OG Ironlung. His aim is to create one of the most potent strains possible. The weed that led to the creation of the Bruce Banner strain is the Strawberry Diesel, which packs a whopping THC potency of around 27percent. Bruce Banner easily gained fame across the cannabis community upon its release because of its massive potency. This led to the strain taking the title of High Times Earth’s Strongest Strains about two times in a row. It also won the Denver US Cannabis Cup.

Characteristics of Bruce Banner Weed Strain


The aroma of the Bruce Banner bud has a sweet and fruity smell to it with a mix of the floral profile. Think of unwrapping a piece of stick gum to get a sense of what the strain may smell like. Upon burning or smoking the Bruce Banner, you can get a slight hint of diesel in the smell of the bud.


The taste of the smoke has an earthy profile with the sweet fruit flavor being less powerful in your mouth.


As you can expect from a marijuana strain with the name of a hulking green character, Bruce Banner hits you with an intense euphoric high. Upon smoking the strain, a rush of energy and joy fills your body. This type of high clears your mind of any distracting thoughts to help you concentrate on any kind of tasks on your plate. In addition, the flood gates to the imaginative part of your open breaks open. The energetic rush that also boosts your focus and creativity can help you smash your way through work-related tasks or projects that require an imaginative input.

The Bruce Banner still shows its indica nature with its relaxant effect. This is just enough to calm your body down and offer some relief against intense stress. However, the sedative effect will not make you sleep or have you locked to the couch when the high fades.

Medical benefit

With the intensity of a THC hurricane, Bruce Banner can break you out of a depressive state. Taking the strain will help you smash any negative feelings that are keeping your self-esteem down. In addition, the increase in energy and focus is useful if you have attention deficit disorder (ADD). Bruce Banner lets you concentrate on important work or curriculum-related tasks.

Howto Grow Bruce Banner Marijuana Strain

Much like the green brute character, Bruce Banner plants can grow incredibly tall if you allow them to. This can be challenging for anyone with limited space in their grow room. A good way to resolve this problem is to use the sea of green technique when cultivating the plants.

The sea of green aims to trick the plants into thinking that summer has ended to force them to enter the flowering stage. The method involves basking the plant under long periods of lighting, which is around 18 to 24 hours. Upon the third week of their vegetative phase, change the light schedule to only 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness. This will force the plants to stop growing and start producing their buds right away.

Bruce Banner Strain Review

The intense high is what makes us love Bruce Banner. Smoking the strain is like drinking two big cans of energy drink with a cup of coffee. We feel like we can do all kinds of work, as our system is full of the energetic drive from the strain’s high. In addition, the cerebral effect makes much of our activities much more fun, as our mind is full of bliss. This includes playing a friendly game of catch or some competitive foosball matches. Bruce Banner can also make sex much more pleasurable as our body is full of energy and bliss.
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