Can your Pets Use Marijuana?

Yes and No. The main issue here is the dosage. One can never actually determine if the pet, despite knowing its size and mass, has ingested enough or too much. And if the pet has ingested too much, it is sure to say goodbye. Adding much to the complication is tolerance for marijuana stoning depending on the breed. That partial knowledge does not even yet include tolerance base on species. Just keep in mind that whenever your pet has ingested marijuana, you ought to run it to the vet!

Here are cases of pets ingesting Marijuana. To present this subject concisely, we will classify it based on species. And the most common domesticated animal species are felidae (cats) and canis (dogs).

Cats Vs. Marijuana

Can your Pets Use Marijuana?

Just because cats are known to be potentially high on catnip does not warrant the action of exposing them to Marijuana. These two herbs take totally different paths in terms of genetic makeup. Both may share similar behavior-altering abilities, but their chemicals work differently. Catnips have a natural appeal to cats, while pots have to humans. For the moment, no study has yet come to pass to warrant cats’ consumption of Marijuana. It should be, by any sense, deadly for cats to consume/ingest one.

The deadliest possible exposure cats can experience with Marijuana so far is when the pet is currently suffering from lung/respiratory problems. Having respiratory problems make cats unprepared for the pot’s effects. This range of effects may be too overwhelming for them, given their weakness. If the encounter does not kill them, it is sure to leave them with permanent organ failures.

Marijuana can be very toxic to cats. This level of toxicity is further aggravated with Marijuana being transformed into edibles. These edibles are known to have high contents of chocolate in them. And so, you do the math for the rest.

Most cases of cats endangered by Marijuana are caused by either intentional or unintentional feeding. Intentional or force-feeding Marijuana to cats can yield to very cruel results and is, of itself, very cruel. Cats ingesting pot from second-hand smoke proves to be deadlier than eating its leaves or edible forms. Apparently, smoke gets directly into the system and can thus be very deadly. In cases like this, timing plays a vital role.

Thus, the moment you notice your cat exhibiting these symptoms, you are to rush your cat to the vet ASAP:

  • Seizures
  • Vomiting
  • Immobility
  • Depression
  • Lethargy

If you are careless enough, your cat can potentially consume large amounts of pot leaves and/or edible forms. Worst, edible forms are mixed with chocolate contents. When this happens, the cat’s mortality rate is doubled-up higher and fast. That would result in the instant death of your furry friend. Some cat breeds have a potentially high tolerance to chemical high. But again, no study has ever passed any final answers yet; not of this time. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Dogs Vs. Marijuana

Image by Chiemsee2016 from Pixabay

Compared to cats, dogs are easily built to enjoy pots safer than cats. They can enjoy a good one or two doses but not too much. Most dog breeds respond well to a high. Other breeds, however, are completely vulnerable to the stone effect. Dog tolerance to pot could be determined by their size or breed. Experts are yet to know the answer. Meanwhile, dog owners claim to have known a few tricks of the sleeve on maintaining a healthy high on their pet dogs: the key is dosage.

Dogs are to only consume not more than two grams of Marijuana edibles. In terms of smoking, you can only expose them with not more than 5 blows. One blow of second-hand vapor can already elicit heavy behavioral responses from them.

As mentioned earlier, size differences determine the concentration of high among dogs. Naturally, the bigger pounds exhibit higher tolerance to marijuana stone effect than smaller ones. This is a fixed case among dogs.

Being the sensitive owner that you are- an observance to slight signs of overdose in your dog must be your ultimate concern.

Here are tell-tale signs of overdose in your dog:

  1. Erratic heart rhythms
  2. Grogginess/Loss of balance
  3. Lethargy
  4. Low blood pressure

These signs tell one thing, and one thing only- your pet has consumed more than its intended dose.  Nevertheless, these will also tell you that you ought to rush to the vet for an emergency meetup. This could be lethal for your pet and only time will tell if he/she survives.


For all the unnecessary trouble your pet has to suffer and go through, it is high time that you think things through. Before you buy more or start growing your own cannabis seeds, think and rethink them hard.

It would be fun to see your pets getting high like human personalities, but is it really necessary?

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