Hot Cannabis and Sex: 10 Interesting Facts That Will Change Your Sex Life

Cannabis and Sex?

As savory as pairing jam and bread, cannabis and sex go sensationally well when combined together. Smoking weed at minimal doses enhances your sexuality. It induces sexual drive especially when you smoke with your partner. A lot of users have proven that smoking cannabis induces better sexual experience. I know you’re excited to know how a cannabis plant do what it does best.

Here are 10 facts regarding your favorite pair, cannabis, and sex.

cannabis and sex
Couple on the ground after starting their night with cannabis and sex.

1. Intensified Pleasure

It’s expected that there are plenty of effects occurring when you are stoned from smoking weed. It greatly benefits sleep disorder and enhances your feeling of pleasure too. Cannabis has a potent effect that releases a vital neurotransmitter called dopamine responsible for your behavior, your body’s physical activities like movements. Dopamine is essential because it is also key in your pleasure and sexuality. The THC or the tetrahydrocannabinol level of cannabis is the psychoactive property that affects neurotransmitters in the body that is capable of changing your system’s normal function. The THC is also the one responsible for the eutrophic and giggly sensation once you are stoned.

2. Longer Orgasm for Everyone

Considered the frosting on the cake and the cherry on top, orgasm is the main reason why people have sex. It’s the most sensational part of doing intercourse with your partner and smoking cannabis prolongs the moment of orgasm for weed smokers.

Cannabis and sex users have proven it as an effective sex enhancer. Its effectivity soars high especially when you are getting stoned together with your partner.

3. Move slow, maintain it low

Smoking or vaping, there are plenty of ways to smoke cannabis. But sometimes, because of the different ways, you would tend to forget how much has it been. Thus, smoking it too many results to sedation and if you still want to enhance your sexual drive without feeling any slug or drowsiness then you have to take low and slow.

Cannabis and sex intensifies your testosterone hormones but only for a short period of time after smoking only a little amount, but if it’s too much it’ll overwhelm your sexuality and trust me you wouldn’t agree with the results.

4. More Weed Smoking, More Relationships

Smoking cannabis and sex is not a bad thing, especially when you know how to control yourself. It’s also enjoyable to smoke it with friends, partners, and lovers. In the year 2009, a study was supported by users that smoking cannabis helps them recreate and unite with other same-sex and opposite-sex which is beneficial in having a relationship. Weed smokers who were women proved that they tend to have more sexual partners when using cannabis before sex.

5. It’s not all about sex, it’s also a bond

We call it the “love hormone”, or scientifically known as oxytocin. This hormone plays an important role especially when we make friends, meet a lover and eventually end up marrying and staying in love forever. In a relationship, we argue and we fight sometimes but there is something that you’d always want to consider, it’s the bond.

It’s a practical coincidence since the tetrahydrocannabinol of a cannabis is an alternative source of anandamide. AEA is a good source of pleasure and oxytocin hormones. The THC level of smoking weed replaces the AEA, there’s no wonder why people feel sexually active when stoned with cannabis.

cannabis and sex couple first time
Cannabis can help with overcoming anxious feelings in the bedroom.

6. Confidence reduces sexual anxiety

For guys who have experience goosebumps whenever you go to the war, hear this out! Cannabis has been proven effective for inducing confidence in a man’s sexual anxiety. This is beneficial because it will increase your sexual desire much often that can lead to having a mutual relationship with someone you’d likely sleep with.

It also prevents erectile dysfunction which could be the worst possible feeling when you’re a person seeking pleasure.

7. Builds relationship and togetherness

Not just for couples, it has been positive feedback on smoking cannabis that it likely decreases aggression and violence to users. A research was conducted bearing a moderate number of cannabis smokers and proved that cannabis decreased their aggressiveness and violence which is a good thing, less violence, fewer fights thus you’d stay longer with your partner.

8. Using Effective Sexually Driven Strains

There is a vast source of hybrid stains to choose from the cannabis dispensary today but only a few increase sexual pleasure. Chocolope, Pink Berry, and Super Lemon Haze are a few of the fine list of cannabis strains capable of intensifying the sexuality of the user.

Their THC levels are not too high but not too low as well, just enough to stone you with your partner while you enjoy each other’s pleasures.

9. It’s been a long run now

The combination of cannabis and sex has been present for decades in the weed industry, and it has been giving positive feedback on the effects of every couple smoking weed and having sex.

Just like relationships, sex and cannabis are not breakable. I guess it’ll be staying long enough inducing sensational benefits to couples and partners.

10. Aphrodisiac: Yes, it’s cannabis

Naturally, because of its THC levels, cannabis enhances sexual drive. It’s aphrodisiac, the intensified sexuality, the want for sexual intercourse and the increased pleasure is all caused by the cannabis plant.

Did this article help you realize smoking marijuana is important if you have someone to share it with? If you are in a relationship with a co-smoker continue the good habit, if you’re single go find someone to get high with, it’s a little weird to get stoned all by yourself right? Let us know about it too!

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