Cannabismo: Why Do Customers Leave Bad Reviews?

MOM Canada or Cannabismo: Who is Better?

There are no shortage of MOM sites these days. It can be hard as a new customer to determine where is the best, trustworthy, site to shop. Cannabismo has bee around for a bit now, but has frustrated customers over the years.

Cannabismo Has Frustrated Customers

The Canadian dispensary guide shows tons of frustrated customers.

Customers have complained about:

  • Orders not arriving
  • Orders arriving late
  • Lack of customer service
  • Shorting weight of strain orders

Cannabismo Has Poor Ratings on:

  • Trust Pilot
  • BBB (Better Business Bureau
  • Dirty Scam
  • Google


Cannabismo changes their URL a lot, which is another shady practice. It is something to definitely be aware of prior to ordering from Cannabismo.

Who Should I Shop with?

Well MOM Canada would be a good place to start. We have been around for 10 years now and literally started the industry. We are trend setters and trailblazers.


MOM Canada always does the follow:

  • Ship orders the same day: (If payment arrives before 3 pm PST)
  • Offer credit card payments: (Yes! Banks love us. We never get charg ebacks)
  • Excellent customer service: When you are around for 10 years it says something)
  • Reward points: Increase the more you buy for our loyal customers
  • Select products: We only choose products that are tested thoroughly and meet our standards.
  • Located in Ontario: Huge advantage over BC. Our order arrive to East Coast customers extremely quick.
  • New Products: You can buy magic mushrooms, buy kratom, soon shroom coffee!

MOM Canada Looks to Help Out

We know choosing the right weed shop online can be stressful. Who needs that when shopping for weed anyways?! So if you have been frustrated with cannabismo, just enter the code: cannabismo20

We will give you 20% off your first purchase in order to help you out and see why MOM Canada should be your new option. We are as old as your MOM.


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