CBD and Magic Mushrooms Work in Synergy for Mental Health Benefits

What is CBD? What are Magic Mushrooms and psilocybin?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is often referred to as the medical derivative from marijuana, while THC, is the part of the plant responsible for getting you high. Cannabidiol is the portion of the plant that is used to treat ailments such as anxiety, arthritis, pain, neuromuscular diseases, and we are always learning of many more. Magic mushrooms on the other hand contain psilocybin. Research has been produced at an alarming pace now illustrating the potential benefits to treat a variety of mental health issues such as end of life anxiety with cancer patients.

Physiologically, CBD and magic mushrooms are safe. They are natural, entheogenic, products that produce little, to no side effects. This makes it a much better option for many people, over traditional over the counter or prescription medications. Your local dispensary or buymyweedonline shop often carries shrooms now.

CBD and magic mushrooms are safe. They are natural products that can cause little to no side effects which makes them better than over the counter medicines.

While both cannabidiol and psilocybin are different, and found in different plants. They do work in synergy together.

CBD tincture concentrate with eye dropped for precise medication.

1. Improves Your Moods

For improving mood, CBD and magic mushrooms work similar. The both help improve mood and lower depression. Mushrooms are adaptogenic, which contribute to mood improvement. If you are looking to learn more about the history of magic mushrooms and psilocybin, there is more detail here in this “How Stuff Works” article.

Cannabidiol’s anxiolytic-like and antidepressant-like effects enable it to fight the pendulum volatility of mood swings. The combination of cannabidiol and magic mushrooms level out these swings, while leaving positive thoughts, bringing back mental homeostasis.


2. CBD and Magic Mushrooms Reduces Anxiety

Both CBD and mushrooms are reliable antidepressants. Low THC strains of marijuana have shown anxiolytic effects on patients, so it helps to reduce prior stress and anxiety among patients. A combination of CBD and magic mushrooms, is effective in inducing abstract thinking. This is one of the main triggers in reducing anxiety. A great way to consume both are with edibles canada.

 3. CBD with Magic Mushrooms Improves Your Performance at Work

People who microdose a combination of cannabidiol, and mushrooms testify that it provides calmness. The impact on this feeling is better performance at home or work.

Combining cannabidiol and psilocybin allows you to sustain the high concentration you need at the workplace. Cannabidiol acts with receptors in a way that lowers heart rate, giving you better focus.

Cannabidiol activates the transient receptor potential, vanilloid 1(TRPV1),  which act as ion channels. TRPV1 receptors are responsible for perception and sensory activities. Their activation, in turn, reduces heart rate, enabling you to focus more. You can try cbd oil toronto, an amazing product for experiencing the benefits of CBD and Magic Mushrooms.

Dried magic mushroom alacabenzi ready to be grinded for microdosing.

4. CBD combined with Magic Musrhooms Produce Synergized Results

Consuming cannabidiol results in improved appetite. The introduction of mushrooms complements the beneficial effects created by cannabidiol. The role of cannabidiol in helping people manage stress is reinforced by psilocybin which works to cancel the negative effects of cannabidiol. Similarly, the negative effects of psilocybin are canceled by cannabidiol.

Mixing CBD and mushrooms deliver powerful effects within 30 minutes. The effects can last for up to 6 hours, enabling your body to fully utilize the beneficial effects. You can often get these treats at your buymyweedonline shop or dispensary.


CBDand magic mushrooms work in synergy for mental health benefits.


5. Boosts Your Brain

If you have mixed marijuana and magic mushrooms together, you may have experienced the explosion and intensity of abstract thinking.  The use of cannabidiol and psilocybin separately give impressive results. Combining the two enhances the effects you get. Cannabidiol works by improving seretonin receptors, which then help control stress levels. Psilocybin reduces stress, produces a euphoria and a general well-being and decreases depression. When mixed, they boost memory and improve drive and focus.


6. Improves Your Mental Health

The process of exploring thoughts deeply is emotional in nature. The thought direction triggered by dopamine is reinforced by using a mixture of cannabidiol and psilocybin.

Dopamine is responsible for thoughts that we interpret as good feelings. Using a proper mixture of CBD and mushrooms ensures that you have control over the outcomes of those thoughts.

A combination of CBD and psilocybin works in such a way that, once you get a reversal in the perception of reality, that state of mind is not withdrawn almost immediately but is done in a progressive manner.

The negative thoughts about past experience are easily healed by a combination of CBD and psilocybin which subdues bad thoughts.


7. Boosts Your Immunity

Magic Mushrooms are abundant in fiber, protein and vitamin B. They also contain high amounts of antioxidants that enhance the human immune system. Antioxidants prevent damage to both tissues and cells. Some studies suggest that mushrooms can help in the fight against cancer. Magic mushrooms stop DNA damage, and help stop cancer cells from replicating.

Like mushrooms, cannabidiol play a vast role in defending your body against attack. It is a powerful antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory properties. Several studies in animals have found CBD to significantly reducing oxidative stress.

Since cannabidiol provides symptom and pain relief in cancer patients, combining it with mushrooms will enable users to enjoy enhanced effects, lifting mental health and well-being.



A CBD and magic mushroom psilocybin combo have a positive impact depending on how you use them. Taking it in controlled manner will help you to enjoy reduced anxiety, stress and enhancements to your immunity and increased performance. Always a great way without carcinogenic effects are to consume edibles canada. You can get access to these at your dispensary or buymyweedonline shop.

Both of them have unique properties, that fight disease and improve both your mental and physical health. You can try for yourself luckily in Canada. But before all treatments, it is best to consult a physician before use.

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