Mail Order Marijuana In Charlottetown, PEI

Our mail-order marijuana store is one of the best places to buy real marijuana products because we offer the same prices you would get from a local weed dispensary but you will have the great advantage of buying it without leaving your home. Yes, our company named M.O.M. Canada brings PEI residents with a wide range of marijuana products, either in a bud form or as tasty THC sweets, tinctures, hash, and extracts.

Browse our website to see what prices we have for real weed products are affordable. We are also giving markdown in the price for those who can show us their medical marijuana cards. Discount is also given to anyone who will purchase from us and can prove their medical condition. To supply people residing in PEI with high-quality real marijuana for sale and other weed products as delicious edible foods, we work in partnership with the best chefs and have the finest marijuana from British Columbia.

You do not have to feel the embarrassment of going to a local medical marijuana dispensary because you can now purchase real marijuana in a discreet and private manner. No need to go to a local medical weed dispensary because M.O.M. Canada will ship your order directly to your home, office or any address within PEI where you want us to send it. Once full payment is made, we will immediately process the delivery so you can receive your order at the least possible time. The expected time of delivery would be 2 to 3 business days but keep in mind that shipping may differ with where you are located in Canada.

We are looking forward for you to make your purchase of real marijuana products from us. Part of the sales raised by our mail order marijuana store is donated as our company is supporting and taking part to the efforts of making marijuana legal across Canada.

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