Cheebas vs MOM Canada: Which is Best?

Where Should I Order? Cheebas or MOM Canada?

Since the legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada (yay!), the variety of online dispensaries (MOM’s, we proudly started the industry and acronym!) have considerably increased due to the growing demand. Among numerous operating dispensaries, MOM Canada and cheebas are two of the well recognized ones.

As stated previously, the growing market of cannabis is due to the quick development in the consumer base which brings along a substantial number of new consumers in the market who are not quite aware when it comes to choosing the very best online dispensary to buy from. Such consumers, old and brand-new alike need appropriate assistance in regard to which dispensaries are the best. In order to supply exactly that, we offer our expert contrast in between the top dispensaries out there.

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Today, we will a cheebas review along with MOM Canada, with our criteria for comparison being their item range, the quality, the prices they offer, discounts and offers, and their customer service.

Let’s dive in!

Which is better? Cheebas vs MOM Canada. A comprehensive comparison.

MOM Canada vs. Cheebas: Item Variety

So the first thing we will look at is the variety of products provided by both the sites for their clients. Both sites offer a lot of variety of different marijuana products in comparison.

Comparing the marijuana range both the dispensaries need to provide, MOM Canada has about more than 65 marijuana strains to use for its customers that consist of various kinds of indicas, sativas and hybrids which give consumers a lot to choose from. On the other hand cheebas provides just 56 types of flower, producing a more minimal item variety to pick from, and less options on weights to ship. Smaller weights are also pricier (tax and shipping is added at check out for cheebas).

When it comes to grading and score of item, MOM Canada has a track record of being the premium website where all flowers are graded so the consumers can quickly select the grade of weed they desire. Customers are active leaving reviews on all marjijuana strains. Cheebas on the other hand lacks such a system making it a little harder for consumers to pick. MOM Canada has been around since much longer than newer dispensaries like cheebas. MOM Canada has been in the game since 2012. We started the industry and have been in it’s early underground roots.

Moving over to the types of concentrates they offer for their clients, both MOM Canada and cheebas stock a good number and range for their customers. If you are looking to buy superior quality concentrates, then MOM Canada is the location for you.

Taking a look at the edibles available at both dispensaries, MOM Canada takes the lead here. MOM Canada is known for edibles. They started off with a bang in 2012 with MOM creating numerous edibles in her basement and releasing them for the Canadian public, so all Canadian’s had access to them.

Cheebas does have a large variety of focuses and as well as edibles, they have a really restricted product variety for their clients. The store likewise offers pet products like CBD and THC lip balms, creams and bath bombs which Cheebas do not stock. More than 25 types of CBD extracts can likewise be found on MOM, making it a best online order dispensary having whatever a client would need. Newer offerings like kratom and mushroom products only adds more to MOM’s list.

MOM also offers:

What Other Products are Offered?

The range of products for MOM Canada far exceed Cheebas. MOM Canada is Mother Earth Plant Medicines, Mail Order Marijuana and Mail Order Mushrooms. MOM Canada looks to offer such products as kratom, psilocybin magic mushooms, functional mushrooms (lion’s mane, reishi, turkey tail, chaga mushrooms) all for your health benefits. MOM Canada is even looking to add mushroom coffee soon with a subscription base.

MOM Canada vs. Cheebas Review: Product Quality– What Users Say

When it comes to comparing the quality of the products offered by both the dispensaries, the best method is to see the views of real clients buying the products. So in order to inspect that we visited both Buy My Weed Online and Cheebas to see what the clients have to say about their experience buying cannabis from the websites.

Cheebas review area is actually blank. They do not have a review area for their consumers to take a look at so we can not judge the feedback of the consumers regarding their products and their quality. This lack of reviews is a big drawback for the new customers seeking to good quality flower.

On the other hand, MOM has a best 5/5 rating on almost all the items they use at their website which represents their premium quality and satisfied customers. A review for their Incredibly Lemon Haze on the website checked out “Smooth cigarette smoking, nice high, fantastic item, fast shipping to my small town, thanks”

So taking a look at the evaluations on MOM, it actually appears like that the dispensary is measuring up to its superior credibility and offering the best for its customers. Considering that Cheebas do not truly provide any reviews on their site, it’s hard to tell how happy their clients are. Overall when it comes to quality, it looks like MOM is the place you can trust.

MOM vs. Cheebas: Rates

While item quality always matters, cost also greatly affects the customer’s determination to buy the item. We compare both sites on the costs they offer per ounce for their cannabis strains.

MOM and Cheebas deal versatility in their orders and do not have any minimum order limitation. Since the customer can buy a little bit of everything they want to try, this is great. Such case is perfect when it pertains to brand-new clients who want to try out a range of different stress.

Comparing the prices for 1 oz of flower from both websites:

Typical Cost for 1oz at MOM Canada: $180.00– $200.00.
Typical Rate of 1oz at Cheebas: $180.00– $200.00.

The typical prices on both sites is basically the same. But when adding tax and shipping costs at the check out, MOM comes across as the winner.

Payment Options? Who Has More?

When comparing payment options there is a clear winner. Cheebas simply offers interac e-transfer. MOM offers:

  1. interac e-transfer
  2. credit card
  3. cryptocurrency (any crytpo! bitcoin, dogecoin, ethereum etc)
  4. cash sent by mail

Cheebas Discount Code vs MOM Canada Reward Points and Sales

We have actually had a look at the rates cheebas and MOM Canada use their customers, now let’s take a look at how they compare in terms of various offers and promotions they have going on for their consumers.

Beginning with cheebas, we can see that they do not have any promotions offered on their site except for standard seasonal sales. We can see that there are some third-party websites offering discount rate codes and vouchers for cheebas when we look even more online. We do know, nevertheless, that cheebas sometimes sends their regular customers mark down vouchers for approximately 5% off. MOM Canada on the other hand, all customers receive points for every single purchase they do, that can be used at any time. Therefore MOM Canada customers always have a discount.


MOM Canada also gives existing customers notifications on email for sales. They will always get early access while supplies last before the public. To sign up for MOM Canada’s newsletter click here.

Cheebas also does not have the tax added until the check out stage. So this is something to consider when loading up your cart. MOM has tax included in all pricing. So it is easy to know your total prior to checking out. Not getting surprised with large shipping costs and tax at the end.

Keeping all of this in mind, when we compare the two dispensaries, it is clear the MOM Canada provides a great deal of valuable promotions for their consumers!

Cheebas Review vs MOM Canada: Shipping & Customer Support

Now after thinking about the quality and prices at offered at Cheebas and MOM Canada, the last criteria for comparison is the customer service and shipping alternatives used by both the websites.

The shipping price is quite high when comparing cheebas to MOM Canada. Comparing the two, its  clear that you are going to be conserving a lot of extra dollars when ordering from MOM. Shipping prices at cheebas are $18.50 on all orders. Where as MOM offers free shipping on orders over $150.00

Cheebas also ships from West Kelowna, where as MOM ships from Toronto. This just depends on where you live. If ordering from the east coast, MOM is much more convenient.

Both the sites have a live chat to assist customers with all their inquiries. The Frequently Asked Question area also offers total information about the buying and shipping approach. Lastly, when it concerns the concern of personal privacy of individual info, both the websites make sure that your order is kept low-profile and delivered inconspicuously.


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Cheebas review while is solid, when considering all of the above requirements, it is evident that MOM Canada is the location to opt for all your cannabis needs. They’re more skilled, stock better quality products, with a lot more range. and are more affordable than the competition. Have more payment options, quicker shipping to most of the country.

For reliably dosed and accurate marijuana products you can always look for MOM Canada has your best BMWO supplier. Including your #1 stop to buy magic mushrooms online.

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