Chronic Strain: Award-Winning Weed That Has A Single Huge Bud

A connoisseur weed strain, Chronic is a must to be added to any cannabis seed collection and are to be kept as great novelty items. Chronic seeds are included in the preferred list to be planted by commercial marijuana growers. Home cultivars will like to plant their own homegrown Chronic because of the potency and the interesting way the buds grow. This marijuana plant has an enormous single amazing central bud with a superb yield of over 500 grams. This multi-awarded pot is an F1hybrid that is sativa-dominant. It is a result of crossing what is known as powerhouse weed strains. Skunky, hashy, it is great for recreational use as it moderate to high THC levels. The Chronic strain is notably an excellent medical marijuana weed strain with high CBD content.

What is Chronic Strain?

Chronic is a stoner’s term that means high-quality weed yet it is also a powerful weed strain. It is 60 percent sativa and 40 percent indica. This medical marijuana has great CBD content that ranges from 1 percent to a high of 13%. The THC levels range from a low of ten percent to a high of 20%. This marijuana plant has flowers that are small to medium-sized. These are clustered with popcorn formation. The dense buds are in coiled leaves making it into a large central bud on the top of each branch. The olive green loves and green buds are made more attractive by the reddish pistils. The crystalline amber trichrome covers the buds to make it appear like yellowish dew drops. The quality of Chronic strain is excellent and the yield is very good.

History of Chronic Cannabis Strain

The Chronic cannabis strain is bred by Serious Seeds, a company that is located in the Netherlands. Chronic is the result of crossing the infamous powerhouse strains of AK-47 X Northern Lights X Skunk #1.  Chronic won the third prize of the 1994 Cannabis Cup. It was further genetically improved by the breeders in the year 2000. It then bagged the first prize of the 2003 LaBella Flor Cup in Spain, the first prize of the 2004 Highlife Cup in Spain, and the second prize 2004 Highlife Cup in Spain for the Hydrophonic category. The latest awards of Chronic weed are the third prize of the Solventless Extractscategory of the 2016 Copa Green Skull and the third prize in the Drysiefcategory of the 2016 Cata Invernal.

Characteristics of Chronic Weed Strain


The aromas of this weed is that of hash with a mixture of a strong spice and skunky odor of the Afghani landrace parent, AK-47. There is a certain sweetness to the scent and that deep earth in the base of the aroma notes. There is also the additional scent of pine and wood. The odor is extremely pungent and will stay in the air for a while, and the sweet hash aroma is maintained by the weed even after it is dried and cured.


This pot has a hash taste. The throat hit is rather harsh with the peppery spice and the skunkiness. It has a fruity and floral sweetness that lingers after the toke.


Fast-hitting and long-lasting, taking this weed will rocket the toker into euphoric headspace. The onset effect is nearly immediate after toking and effects can be felt for up to six hours. Chronic strain brings about free-thinking flow of thoughts and enhances creativity. It is excellent for taking for spring cleaning and doing other chores as it brings about a boost of energy. It has a good wind-down and is relaxing, and can be used as a social strain. It makes the mood elevated and clears the cobwebs in the mind. It has a sedative effect that is perfect from that recreational break. It can trigger a laugh trip and a food trip. It can make a person feel sleepy.

Flowering Time

Indoors, it will take 56 to 63 days for Chronicmarijuana to flower and take around 9 to 10 weeks when grown outdoors.


This weed strain is easy to grow. It is an indoor and outdoor marijuana crop that is great to use for commercial growing.

Medical Use

With high levels of CBD, this medical marijuana has numerous uses for patients and brings about overall wellness. It is highly effective in providing pain relief to those who have chronic pain, joint pain, and other body aches. It is an appetite stimulant and can cure anorexia Nervosa. It can aid in getting rid of nausea especially that felt by those who have had chemotherapy. It is a treatment for depression and is an excellent stress reliever. It works as a treatment for attention-deficit disorders such as ADD and ADHD.

How to Grow Chronic Marijuana Strain?

The advantage of cultivating Chronic is that it produces quality buds with high yields. For outdoor cultivation, the ideal climate is semi-humid with 72 – 80 degrees Fahrenheit temperature. Growing this weed indoors requires the changing of light cycles for it to flower. Note that Chronic should not be topped or pruned as it has an excellent flower-leaf ratio. If top, there will be multiple large side buds but using the technique will diminish the yield. The yield is at 350 grams and can as high as 600 grams when the single central bud is harvested. Since this weed is very pungent, there should be carbon air filters or exhaust fans in the grow room. Also note that when packing Chronic strain, it has to be thoroughly dried so that the distinct aroma will be maintained and to prevent diminishing its potency.

Chronic Strain Review

A medical marijuana patient ~ This amazing pot has fine quality buds that smell like heaven. The thick smoke tastes lovely without that harsh burn. Just 3 hits last for me hours like from lunchtime until dinner and I can get moving without much pain as I get busy doing chores and the like. Chronic makes me feel the gear into happiness and yeah, it has a heavy high sometimes that’ll hit me really hard when I am super tired and want to get a little Netflix and chill. Taking it gives me the giggles and the munchies. I love this stuff… puff puff.

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