Critical Mass Strain Has Huge Buds Can Break The Branch

Big Bud weed evolved into Critical Mass that has high yields and is a stable strain. This weed was genetically reworked in Amsterdam. The weight of the gigantic buds when nearly ready to harvest is so heavy that it can snap the branch. The hit is long-lasting and the euphoric high has a strong sedative effect. There are some users that say that Critical Mass strain has a psychedelic effect. This weed is considered as a nighttime strain. This medical marijuana has a 5 percent CBD level. Critical Mass weed provides excellent pain relief and works as a treatment for other medical concerns such as insomnia.

Critical Mass Strain

What is Critical Mass Strain?

This weed is known for having enormous buds. It is currently the heaviest plant used for marijuana production by commercial cultivars. It is a cash crop with a high yield because it has been genetically created to be that way. This marijuana plant will grow to be  32 to eighty inches tall. There is a misconception that this weed is indica-dominant because of the heavy stoned effect but it is a nearly balanced hybrid. Critical Mass strain has an impressive high that can last for as long as 2 and a half hours. The THC level ranges from 19 to 22% while the CBD level can be as high as 5 percent.

History of Critical Mass  Cannabis Strain

Critical Mass is a hybrid that is bred by Mr. Nice Seed Bank, an Amsterdam based company. Critical Mass cannabis strain is a result of crossing the popular Afghani Indica X Skunk #1. This seed bank had genetically reworked a popular old weed strain known as Big Bud to become Critical Mass so that it’ll have a much higher yield. Another reason why the old weed was reworked was to create a stable strain. Critical Mass has the infamous Kush heritage from its parent plants. Kush marijuana plants hail from the mountainous region of located at the Afghanistan-Pakistani border.

Characteristics of Critical Mass Weed Strain


The aromas of this huge bud plant are pungent and overwhelmingly skunky. It has a sweetness to the scent with a strong hint of pine.


It has a sweet cola taste with the flavor blend of honey. There are hints of oak wood and pine in the earthiness. There is a strong hash undertone with a bit of peppery spice.


Taking Critical Mass marijuana onset is that of a cerebral high that can be a psychedelic experience that can last for over a couple of hours. There will be euphoria and then the relaxation comes about. This pot may make one feel giddy with happiness. It can bring focus and a clear head if one is used to taking weed with high THC levels. Critical Mass strain has a strong sedative buzz that makes the body feel numb and can bring about couch-lock. It may make a person feel hungry and can also induce sleep.

Flowering Time

This is a photoperiod plant meaning that it requires the changing of light cycles to flower. It will take 6 to 8 weeks to flower when planted from seed.


This weed can grow both indoors and outdoors.

Medical Use

This medical marijuana is used for reducing and/or stopping muscle spasms and seizures for patients who have epilepsy. It is an anti-inflammatory that works to lower the inflammation in areas like the joints for people who have arthritis. Doctors use it as a treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome. It is a highly effective pain reliever that works to get rid of chronic pain, body aches, migraines, and headaches. It works also to provide pain relief from those who suffer musculoskeletal pain in areas such as the neck and back. It is used as a treatment and cure for those who have mood disorders. It is used as a treatment for people who have attention-deficit disorders such as ADD and ADHD. It is a highly effective appetite stimulant and is a cure for anorexia nervosa. It works as a natural sleep aid and can cure insomnia.

How to Grow Critical Mass Marijuana Strain?

his marijuana plant has heavy flowers. It might require support methods such as stalking for the branch not to break from the weight of the buds. It is highly susceptible to the common plant problem of mold. It will get mold if exposed to high humidity. Make sure that the growing environment is dry. It has a short flowering period of 6 to 8 weeks. If planted outdoors, the northern hemisphere harvest will be in September and for the southern hemisphere, the harvest will be in March. This high yielding plant will have a harvest of 650 to 750 gr/sqm when grown indoors.

Experienced cultivars who use marijuana growing techniques and methods can expect a higher yield.

Critical Mass Strain Review

Medical marijuana patient who cultivated this plant ~ This genetic pedigree has that ultimate relaxation slow wave that hits me both mentally and physically. It makes me go on a food trip. The flavor enhances the toke but I can’t take that much as it will make me hit the sack. Great for that recline mood to kick back and escape the burdens of the mind, I use it also to stop the pain I feel in my knee that comes from an old injury. I planted Critical Mass strain to get my own large homegrown supply and I harvested a whole lot of them big buds, good enough to last me for a long time.

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