Differences Between Smoking and Eating Weed

One of the most common ways of how one consumes their cannabis is through smoking. You need to know though that when it comes to this one, there are still many different ways on how you are able to enjoy your cannabis. One of which is through edibles. As the popularity of cannabis has grown due to the fact that many areas are now considering it as legal then there are also many people who are now opting to try out cannabis as edibles. With this said, you also have to understand the many differences that you will see between eating and smoke cannabis. And it is in this article that we will be looking at these differences.

Eating and smoking cannabis is that they have different ways of absorption THC. If you compare edibles to the ones that are being smoked that the previous tends to be stronger. When you will opt to consume cannabis through edibles then the THC is being metabolized by the liver. This will then be converted into 11-hydroxy-THC. This conversion makes it even more effective in crossing the blood-brain barrier. This can result in a more intense high. Once you will be inhaling cannabis on the other hand then it will also be metabolized differently. Once you will inhale cannabis through smoking that THC goes directly into the brain. This is the reason why the effects that you will get from smoking cannabis can be faster but will also last shorter.

Another difference between smoking and eating cannabis are the effects and duration that they have. The very first thing that you need to remember when having edibles to make sure that you will take in small portions and wait for its effects. The reason for this is that edibles will have a much longer metabolization which can range from 30 minutes to 2 hours. The effects that it has also will last longer. Once you will take in large doses of edibles then you are able to experience a stronger body effect with a psychedelic head high. This is the reason why you also need to have smaller portions so that you will have a milder and more comfortable type of high. If you take in too many edibles at one time then you will not have a good time and that is for sure. Although cannabis is stronger when eaten but they also deliver smaller levels of cannabinoids into the bloodstream. If you choose to smoke cannabis though that you are able to get THC level that is around 50-60 percent. This is considered high since edibles can only give you around 10-20 percent.

What you will also notice is that edibles are the ones that are harder to dose. Determining the right dose of THC in any edibles might be hard. This is also the case even with the professional distributors. There are many consumers that might underestimate the dose due to the delayed effects that it can have on each individual. With an inhaled form of cannabis though that individuals can quickly feel the effects thus making them decrease or increase their dosage. You need to remember that even with an overdose of THC that it will not have any lethal effects. But you still have to make sure that you will be having just the right dose for you to enjoy your weed much better.

There are also disparities in the advertised potency that a smoked and eaten cannabis has. You will only see and feel irregularities in potency once you will be buying cannabis edibles from unregulated markets. You also need to remember that even with the same distributor and the same product that you can still have different levels of potency depending on the batch that they will have. There is now a move to better the determination of THC content in edibles. Strict regulations and testing are now being done to address this one. Even if the edibles that you are able to get have been under strict regulations that you still have to make sure that you will take it easy especially on your first try.

Yet another difference between smoking and eating cannabis is that the latter is also seen as a healthier alternative. An individual can experience harsh results once they will be smoking cannabis. This is the reason why many of them also want to have a better alternative and one of these are edibles. There are many different ways in how you are able to consume cannabis. You don’t have to be stuck with the usual pot brownie or any other sugary treats. You can add cannabis to any of your dishes. Some of the dishes that you can opt for are the cannabis inside granola or quinoa salad. You also have to opt to create your very own cannabis butter. You can then use this one in any dishes that you wish to create. You still need to remember that with edibles that smaller portions are always better.

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