Do Shrooms Go Bad? What Are the Best Storage Methods

There are few things as exciting as either harvesting, or receiving your first order of magic mushrooms from MOM Canada.  To receive your package in the mail, the anticipation can be a lot sometimes. Now that you have your shrooms, you are wondering do shrooms go bad? What is the best way to make these amazing magic mushrooms last (if I have extra)?

Saving your magic mushrooms and also truffles can be a challenging business if you do not know how to do it properly. It is very simple to harm them, diminishing their content, or leave them prone to disintegration. Therefore, understanding exactly how to safely and firmly keep them is a need to for any budding psychonaut.

do shrooms go bad
Everyone wants to avoid moldy shrooms. It does not batter if they are being grown, or harvested.

Storing Fresh Magic Mushrooms or Truffles

It might sound like keeping your fresh mushrooms and also truffles is a tall order, yet it needn’t be. While you might listen to numerous ideas as well as suggestions on just how to keep, it actually is an easy job. For fresh, unopened truffles, they can be saved in a fridge for up to 2 months. Nevertheless, if you’re looking to dry them for use, they can be saved for a minimum of one year after drying out.

Mushrooms are slightly different in that, fresh collected, they can only be saved for a couple of days in a refrigerator. If extensively dried, they too can be maintained for regarding a year. So just make certain you keep your mushrooms and also truffles the right way, and also they’ll be around for a long time for when you require them. Simple.

do shrooms go bad
You have your nice dried shrooms. What should you do to keep them the longest?

Drying Out Magic Mushrooms for Long Term Storage

Do shrooms go bad if we they are dried out for long term storage?

If a long term storage space option is called for, then both magic mushrooms and also truffles can be dried out and securely saved in a great, dark and also dry place for approximately 2-3 years (perhaps even longer). The only risks are insect invasion, and possible loss of effectiveness because of exposure to light, moisture and warmth. This functions because without their moisture content, mushrooms basically quit decomposing.

The trick with drying out both magic mushrooms as well as truffles for storage space is not to use any type of heat. It is an usual error, and also often used to attempt as well as quicken the procedure. Nevertheless, the energetic compounds of magic mushrooms can be fairly conscious extended periods of heat, destroying them and reducing strength.

The process of drying your magic harvest initially entails pre-drying them to get rid of any excess dampness, complied with by a thorough main dry using a desiccant. This will eliminate all moisture available, and also leave your mushrooms as well as truffles prepared to be moved into long-term storage space.

You can discover exactly how to do this in much greater information from our helpful guide. Although it does not discuss truffles, the exact same process can be utilized.

Do Shrooms Go Bad When Frozen?

do shrooms go bad
A lot of people debate if they should freeze shrooms?

If drying isn’t quite adequate (although it ought to be), you can go above and beyond and also freeze your mushrooms and truffles. To do so, adhere to the guidance over, and also have a look at our guide to fully drying them. Both truffles as well as mushrooms have to be fully completely dry before they are iced up. As soon as completely dry, simply put them in a plastic zip lock bag and also put them in your fridge freezer. Frozen mushrooms as well as truffles can be stored pretty much forever.

CRUCIAL: Never freeze fresh magic mushrooms as well as truffles, this will destroy their interior cell membrane layer structure, substantially diminishing potency.

So there you go! Now you recognize just how to correctly keep your magic mushrooms and also truffles, ensuring that their stability is kept which they await usage whenever you require them!

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