Do Stoners Make Better Students?

The Ultimate Answer

Yes and No. Better students are made from within, not without. There is a bigger amount of decision involved in being a better student. While pot consumption increases the brain’s ability to focusing, motivation, creativity, etc., it can also diminish the brain performance to a low, relaxed point. There are clearly pros and cons to this one. Thus, the main concern in Marijuana consumption is a conviction. Most extremely, it can lull one to sleep. Spotting the right cannabis breed may guarantee a full, 100% student performance. But again, what shapes a better student is an empowered state of mind.

Getting into the Core

Endless debates have continuously gone through in the many years that passed. What is sadder is that no single study has yet been conducted to prove if getting stoned on Marijuana would really guarantee high grades or, perhaps, vice versa. As of the moment, no one can really prove if Marijuana can either make or break an academic career. What we can only get our hands of now are debates- mounts of them.

Users and experts insist that Marijuana is a powerhouse of cerebral-boosting effects. They are right to do so because science and the medical fields have since provided proof to this. So, there is no question to that fact. However, what is most daunting is that the same experts cannot fully hold into account the absolute reality surrounding Marijuana vs. academics. It seems that, from all these considerations, the ultimate answer can be found deep within the student’s inter-personal choice.

If strict, traditionalist educators are to put it, there might actually be a shining prospect to pots and good grades. However, certain cracks in between, as most would surmise, are to be filled in. Looking into these cracks, or shall we simply say gaps, would instantly reveal a head-shattering question: will the good grades be maintained even without the pot in the picture?

This gap, which has so long baffled even the most neutral weed users, actually implies potential issues that if addressed, should eventually bridge the gap. These issues include dependence to the pot, loss of empowerment, loss of self-control and many other issues. Consequently, these issues act as determining factors on whether the stoner would really make a good student.

More Complex than Expected

Despite such simple-sounding probabilities, there is nothing simple about this concern. This involves a wide array of factors at play. So, it should be very difficult to impose a reality. Conveniently taking sides should also worsen the case. By all means, studies and investigations are to be made concerning the subject. Above all, such gap and the issues within are not any less complex than the ongoing societal debates on pot consumption. Not all countries in the world clearly appreciate the glorious prospect of Marijuana. These complex dynamics alone, the pros and the cons mount up to a number of parallel concerns. There is indeed nothing simple about the question.

So: Do Stoners Really Make Good Students?

The safest answer is yes and no. The ultimate determinant should be a conviction. For this type of personal question, a personal answer is to be elicited. Yes. Marijuana does enhance brain performance. But, how long will the student keep on donning a stoned disposition? By all means, it should not go on forever.  Marijuana may indeed prove to be a glorious recreational or medicinal agent, but here goes the catch- it is only an agent. The sole power is the power within. If you decide to be a good student, then you may benefit a few good doses of help from Marijuana, but you ought to acknowledge that small voice within- your own conviction. So, while Marijuana provides great help, it is your natural ability that should work for you and not the other way around.

Final Reflections

There is definitely a bright future for stoners becoming great students.  It only takes the right timing and most of all, the maturity towards the whole deal. Being an agent for cerebral/physical enhancement, the Marijuana deserves serious attention. In that line, we are to handle it with prudence and untoward responsibility. That should add up to us being great students on our own.

Now, certain efforts are being forwarded by Marijuana advocates to bridge another set of gaps involving the press this time. The media hullabaloo involves the glaring discrepancies among medical press lines all over the world involving shunned Marijuana reports. These reports could have perhaps, provided potential leads, and eventually shed some light on our questions. Who knows?

Fortunately, policy-makers and experts are now handling this situation. By then, they must have already got their hands full of these reports. We can only wait for a glorious revelation in the end.

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