Get Stoned Like a Rockstar

Do you want a mellow physical and mental buzz that will make your smoking session worth the while? We introduce to you the famous Rockstar strain. A marijuana strain with an earthy and tropical taste and aroma that will leave you in a state of complete relaxation. The effects build equally on your mind and body. The objective of Rockstar strain is to satisfy your medicinal and recreational needs for marijuana. If you are seeking an uplifting shot of marijuana, this is going to be one of our top recommendations that will deliver joy and stress-relief to you that will last for hours. Its popularity lies not just among marijuana lovers but as well as with patients with acquired conditions. The interest in Rockstar strain is growing because of its undeniably great taste and impressive potency like no other.

What is Rockstar Strain?

A marijuana strain which is indica-dominant by 70%. Rockstar is one of the established strains rich in recreational and medicinal benefits. It helps in easing the tension and stress that you are feeling leaving you completely stress and worry-free 857. The good thing about it, in spite of its indica dominance, does not deliver sedating effects that work well for being taken before you start your day or before you go to bed. Its cannabinoid content is average making it a suggested strain for first-timers since the effects are not as strong as other strains delivering straight mind and body high in just one hit. It can be vaped, smoked or infused in edibles depending on your personal preference. Rockstar will give you the stoned feeling but at the same time, your motor and speech skills are not that affected.

History of Rockstar Cannabis Strain

Rockstar strain is what you get from cross-breeding two of the most established strains in the market, Sensi Star and Rockbud. Considering what it can do to your mind and body, you can say that it has pretty impressive genetics. The origins of Rockstar lie from its breeders, The Bonguru Beans. They properly thought of a lineage that has an ambient effect but has a pretty strong taste. Back in 2012, it competed on the annual High Times Cannabis Cup and bagged second place among hundreds of contenders. Rockstar possesses beauty too. It has average-sized buds which are dark olive green in color with spade-shaped nuggets blending with its purple undertones. It has fiery orange hairs peeking through its surface. To add up to all the excitement, it is frosted with crystal trichomes and surrounded with rich purple leaves.

Characteristics of Rockstar Cannabis Strain

  • Cannabinoid Content

THC: 14% up to 20%

CBD: 0.001% up to 0.006%

CBN: not applicable

  • Classifications

Sative: 30%

Indica: 70%


Its roots came from Sensi Star and Rockbud.


The smell of Rockstar marijuana strain is very savory. It comes in the spicy, sweet, herbal, earthy, and skunky aroma. Every time you break the nuggets, the scent sears through your nose leaving you completely hooked to it. Rockstar’s earthy aroma is very relaxing. Marijuana users find it very pleasant and distinct promoting lasting relaxation throughout your body. Its alluring smell is one of the reasons why people are seeking for more.


The taste of Rockstar is very certain. At first hit, you will be able to taste the pungent and earthy flavor and as you exhale, there is a sweet aftertaste. It will delight your taste buds considering its savory and luscious taste that will get you hooked. With Rockstar strain, there is a mix and match of flavors fighting in your mouth. The skunky taste is the dominant flavor blending with the exotic taste of vanilla and herb. Marijuana users find it unique, distinct and ironic because of the blend of taste that will make your taste buds water.



Patients with acquired conditions consider Rockstar as a natural alternative to laboratory-formulated medicines and treatments. The good thing about the marijuana intake is the way it targets all the syndromes at first hit. It refreshes your mind relieving you from all the stress that you are feeling keeping you worry-free. It is best in treating stress-related syndromes such as anxiety, depression post-traumatic stress disorder, and bipolar disorder. In addition to this, it also works well for treating pain-related conditions such as a migraine, and chronic body pain. Rockstar has proven to treat gastrointestinal disorder alleviating the infection on your gastrointestinal tract. Apart from this, smoking Rockstar increases your appetite helping you gain weight lessening the cases of nausea and vomiting.


Apart from the medicinal benefits, it can offer, marijuana users are obsessed with the recreational benefits of Rockstar. A during your smoking session, the effects are mellow in the mind delivering relaxation throughout your body. Your sense of focus tends to be strengthened to the point that you are careful in concentrating on what you are doing. It keeps your mood heightened filling your emotions with utter joy like a shoot of euphoria. As the smoke delivers the effects throughout your body, you will feel calmed and relaxed like you are feeling so good about yourself. You get to worry and stress-free.

rockstar strain
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Flowering Time

On average, it takes eight up to nine weeks up until it is ready to flower.

Growing Experience

Rockstar requires growing experience because of its growing requirements and preferences.

How to Grow Rockstar Cannabis Strain?

Rockstar is a marijuana strain suggested for experienced growers due to its requirements and preferences. It works well for being grown indoors and outdoors as long as there is good ventilation promoting air circulation. If you will be growing it indoors, it is best if you will be using a carbon filter because it diffuses a pungent odor that might disturb your neighbors. It can yield up to 16 ounces of good bud per plant. When you prefer to grow it indoors, it takes 8 up to 9 weeks up until it is ready for harvest garnering 8 ounces per square meter. To improve the yield of Rockstar, you can use either the Hydroponics or Sea of Green method depending on your preference.

Rockstar Strain Review

Based on real experience from users, they find the potency of Rockstar impressive especially when it comes to its pain-relieving properties. It targets the nerves, joints, and muscles all at once. They find it more effective when taken after a long day to maximize its effects on putting your mind and body in total relaxation. The effects are gradual but it targets your pleasure centers as you continue to smoke it. People with high tolerance to smoking marijuana loves Rockstar strain. They do not even find it difficult to smoke considering its luscious taste making you seek more. This is one of marijuana connoisseurs’ favorites because of its diverse taste and potent characteristics. The uplifting feeling will last for hours making you feel free from stress and worries and giving you a worthwhile smoking experience. The marijuana users have proved that Rockstar goes a long way than just being a recreational drug.

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