Get the Sweet and Tangy Cerebral High with Orange Crush

If you are looking for that sweet and tangy cannabis taste with the potent cerebral effects then you must try Orange Crush. This strain is a sativa-dominant strain made by combining two very potent strains CaliforniaOrange and Blueberry. It flowers fast to give you lovely buds in as quick as 9weeks. It may have moderate amounts of THC but it packs a juicy punch when it comes to the relief of depression, stress, and fatigue.

What is Orange Crush Strain?

Orange Crush is a Sativa dominant cannabis strain made by the union of a powerful hybrid California Orange and a pure indica Blueberry. These two strains have created a totally relaxing strain that will make you feel uplifted and creative.  But as these effects sound amazing, these won’t last long. You may only feel these vibrant effects in just a couple of hours. But don’t let this small setback affect you because Orange Crush can still help you with stress, depression, and insomnia.

When it comes to growing Orange Crush, you will be surprised as to how easy it is to grow and it can give you sweet-smelling orangey flowers in just 9 weeks tops. THC levels vary from 15% to 20% and therefore, expect lovely flowers with moderately potent psychoactive effects. The small and dense buds come with large amounts of trichomes with a number of orange pistils and this is where Orange Crush got its name.

The effects of Orange Crush

Orange Crush can create potent cerebral sensations which can be so overwhelming this can cause extreme relaxation. Even in moderate amounts, you will feel the effects of this strain instantly blanket you but be mindful that this effect will not last long. It will only last for two hours.
But don’t be dismayed because it compensates with its awesome euphoric, happy and uplifting effects. Even for a few hours, you will feel as if you are a new person. There will be no negative thoughts to hold you back right now. You will feel uplifted and even creative even when you take this in moderate doses.
People use this strain during the morning to help them feel energetic, awake, positive and happy. You can use this strain to start new projects and complete tasks too. You will feel very creative and it would seem that you have that special inspiration which can help you move on despite any worries and troubles on your mind.

Aside from its natural effects and medicinal properties, Orange Kush also has its negative effects. You must keep in mind these side effects when taking this strain so you can prepare. It’s good to take this potent strain in moderation if you are new and to carefully increase your dose if you think it’s not enough as time goes by.
The most common side effects of Orange Crush are dry mouth and dry eyes. These effects are due to this strain’s potent THC levels. THC is a natural compound in cannabis that can increase blood flow to the different parts of the body including the small blood vessels of the eyes and mouth. This causes redness and dryness.

It is also possible to suffer from dizziness, slight paranoia and headaches due to this strain’s cerebrally stimulating effects. It is also more pronounced in first-time cannabis users and people who are using this strain for the very first time.
As mentioned before, the key is moderation. As with any first time user, use half of the dose prescribed to you, just to get a feel of this strain’s effects. After you have grown accustomed to its effects,  you may now switch to a more potent dose.

Any Medical Effects of Orange Crush?

Orange Crush is the best for depression and stress. It is said that the smell alone of this delightfully yummy strain could be enough to turn any frown upside down! It has natural mood-elevating properties that can help improve your mood and keep negative thoughts at bay. Because of this, you can use Orange Stress to combat stress and depression along with other medications and treatments.

This strain can also be used to stop insomnia. Because of its deep relaxation effects, you will be able to stop sleeplessness and prevent insomnia without the need for synthetic medications or drugs. This strain can help deal with physical and mental fatigue with its very potent relaxing effects.

This is also good for pain relief. Orange Crush has top analgesic effects that can help you live a pain-free normal life. Take this daily to help deal with headaches, muscle pains and aches, muscle strains, migraines, chronic pains and more. And because this is natural pain relief, you don’t need to rely on drugs or synthetic medications that can also cause terrible side effects.

Characteristics of Orange Crush Weed Strain

  • Smell – orange, citrus and sweet
  • Taste – orange, lemony and chocolatey
  • Effects – creative and uplifting effects
  • Flowering Time – 7 to 9 weeks
  • Growing – easy to moderate
  • Height – High
  • THC – 15% to 20%
  • CBD – .19%
  • Lineage – California Orange and Blueberry

How to Grow Orange Crush?

Orange Crush is a sativa-dominant cannabis strain that comes with a sweet, tangy and delicious flavor. These flavors come from the plants’ small but dense buds. These buds are very prone to mold, fungus growth and will never farewell with the attack of any pests. It is your duty as the grower to protect your buds from mold, mildew, and pests.

Protecting these Dense Buds

Orange Crush can grow indoors or outdoors. If you wish to grow indoors, you must observe good air circulation so that your plants can grow healthy and your buds protected from mold and mildew. One way to improve air circulation is to install fans in your growing area.
One fan will be installed on the top part of the room to remove the smell and stale air from the room. Another fan should be installed at the bottom of the room to take in fresh and clean air from the outdoors into the growing area.

Using carbon filters is another way to reduce ugly smells inside your growing area. These filters may cost more than ordinary filters considering that these are more efficient in getting rid of smells, smoke and even dust that can contaminate your garden.

Feeding your Orange Crush Plants

If your plants are still in their seedling stage, your plants will not need any fertilizer or nutrients. These will simply take the nutrients found in the growing cubes, pellets or in growing soil that you will use.
The moment your plants reach their vegetative stage, these will need a fertilizer that is rich in nitrogen. Nitrogen is an element that can stimulate the growth and health of leaves, stems, and branches. These will help plants become stronger so that these can hold large and dense buds come flowering time.
During the flowering stage, your plants should use fertilizer and nutrients that have more potassium and phosphorous. Your plants need these nutrients to be able to grow larger and denser buds. These plants don’t need nitrogen because your plants have stopped growing.

As much as possible, check for any signs of nutrient toxicity or deficiency. These can be observed from the color and texture of your plants’ leaves and stems.

Training your Plants Early

Training your plants should start early. You can use several techniques; one of these is the screen of green technique or the SCROG technique. This can help improve lighting distribution on the top of your canopy and to improve air circulation at the bottom as well.

Preparing the Ideal Environment for your Plants

You must always make sure that your plants get the best amount of lighting to be able to grow larger and healthier buds. When you are growing indoors, you need to use the ideal type of lamp. There are two most popular lamps that you can use: LED and HPS.

LED lamps are lamps that are known to be more efficient. These are a bit expensive but will provide brighter light without a very high electricity bill. HPS, on the other hand, is the brightest but will cost too much electricity to use.

Orange Crush Strain Review

People who have tried Orange Crush agree that this strain has a unique high with a strong effect. You can expect a massive high which can last only for a few hours but they assured that the high will be worth it.

Some agreed that it was easy to grow especially it is available in seed form. It does not need special growing techniques and will give you good yields even with very little effort. The ability of Orange Crush to crushes different conditions is another thing to celebrate. Many loved its stress –relieving and pain-relieving effects. It is all-natural so there is no side effect that you might have to worry about when you use synthetic medications. All-in-all, Orange Crush is worth a recreational and medicinal strain.

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