Grape God Strain: Clusters Of Beautiful And Soothing Buds

High-quality cannabis that has moderately high THC levels and a fabulous taste is weed that is great for recreational and medical use. Grape God is a descendant of a legendary weed strain and this pot has the soothing properties that make it an excellent natural remedy for numerous health concerns. Grape God Strain has the capacity to tap the inner mind and provide the energy to tackle the challenges of the world. Calming, there are waves of goodness that enters the cellular level when one takes a hit or two of this weed. TheGrape God weed strain is great for smokers that prefer to take long tokes often. It is an excellent marijuana plant to cultivate as it has a supremely high yield. This plant has beautiful buds with vivid colors that are a pleasure to behold.

What is Grape God Strain?

Grape God marijuana is also known as Grapegod. It is a squat indica-dominant plant. It is 70% indica and 30% sativa. It has dense and compact elongated buds that are fruity in flavor. It has the colors of purple and mauve in the light to dark green buds that have orange-brown pistils. These are loaded with small, white drops of trichomes. These buds can have bursts of vivid purple and shades of grey when dried. This marijuana has THC levels that range from 14 percent to a high of20%. The CBD level averages at 0.9%.

History of Grape God Cannabis Strain

This indica-dominant weed stain has legendary weed in the lineage. One of the parent plants is GodBud which has won the Indica Cup of High Times. The other parent plant which is Original Sweet Pink Grapefruit is known for the flavor burst. This weed strain is bred Jason Bake of the Next Generation Seed Company. Their weed strains come from Western Canada and  British Columbia. This breeder has been in the cannabis industry for over 2 decades.  Grape God cannabis strain is a result of crossing Original Sweet PinkGrapefruit X God Bud. The God Bud pot is also known as God bud. It was several years before Godbud became internationally infamous but for those who live in Vancouver, God Bud was smoked for a long time though it had different names.

Characteristics of Grape God Weed Strain


This has a strong spicy door and that of the deep earth that is similar to God bud weed strain. It has the sweet aroma of grapes.


This weed is skunky and has the muskiness taste of earth. It is sweet with the taste of different berries, red grapes, and the tanginess of grapefruit. The tantalizing flavors of this weed are one that’ll make you want longer drags as it has a rather smooth throat hit.


Taking Grape God strain has a distinct soothing and relaxing effect. The hit is slow and long-lasting. The euphoric head makes one drift into a great feeling of serenity and calm and can make a person feel uplifted. It brings about a feeling of happiness and can trigger a laugh trip. It can unleash creativity and it is a mind changer. It boosts the mood and can give an energy rush.

flowering time

This is a photoperiod weed strain which means that it requires the changing of light cycles to flower. It will take at 8 to 9weeks to flower.


Easy to grow, Grape God strain is ideal for the home cultivator and for commercial production because of the extremely high yields.

Medical Uses

This medical marijuana is an excellent pain reliever that is used by those who have back pain, neck pain, joint pain, and other body aches. It can get rid of headaches. It is used as a treatment by those who suffer from severe depression. It is a highly-effective stress reliever. It can get rid of fatigue and works to relax the muscles.

How to Grow Grape God Marijuana Strain?

This short indica plant is ideal for personal or commercial cultivation. It is easy to grow from seed and can be cloned. The buds are dense and are covered with resin. This marijuana plant has extremely high yields. The flowering time is from 50 to 60days when grown indoors and during early to mid-October when grown outdoors. The crop can be as large as 18 ounces per square meter when grown indoors and21 ounces per plant when grown outdoors. This plant prefers warm temperatures and dry climate conditions. Grape God marijuana plant is resistant to the common plant problems of powdery mildew and mold. Easy to grow, for maximum yield, this plant needs to be pruned and topped early for it to have an even canopy.

Grape God Strain Review

Home cultivar ~ This was a good marijuana plant. It is a bit slow in veg and to rate the yield – it is above average. These buds are greasy with resin and sticky. This sweetheart of a weed strain is nice to cultivate though it does have to get extra care as the crop makes it worth the effort.
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