Green Crack Strain: Two Phenotypes Grown From Seeds

The popular Green Crack is a sativa-dominant strain that is one of the most popular hybrids there are in the cannabis community made even more of a fan-favorite by Snoop Dogg. The other phenotype is an indica-dominant weed. These two types do vary yet the overall effects do have certain similarities. The type that is sought-after is the sativa-dominant one. Green Crack marijuana that has intense effects with THC levels that reach heights of a fabulous 24%. Green Crack has been here since the 70s but is as potent and sought-after as ever. It is a strain that is perfect to wake and bake with. It also greatly helps motivate you and focus you on the tasks at hand. Although it is sativa dominant, it has the characteristics of an indica plant making it easier to cultivate even for beginner breeders.

What is Green Crack Strain?

Crack cannabis strain is a sativa hybrid that has plant characteristics of Indica in stature and growing method. It is one of the most popular sativa strains in the world only gaining more fame with the widespread weed strains legalization. Its buds are extremely dense and quite chunky and small. They are surrounded by fiery red hairs and are encrusted with snowy white crystal trichomes. It has slightly psychedelic effects for some users but has a wide array of medical benefits. This weed strain is sometimes called ‘Green Marvel’.

History of Green Crack Cannabis Strain

Crack weed was originally created in Athens, Georgia USA back in the 1970s and was grown in the stealth mode. One of the classic flower power weed strains, this pot has survived and thrived until the time that is legalized. This strain was called “Cush” it was only renamed bySnoop Dogg after he came across its intense sativa effects. Its genetics stems from the legendary Skunk #1 but some also say that it comes from the Afghani landrace.

Characteristics of Green Crack Weed Strain


The aroma of Green Crack marijuana is a scent that no one would think of as anything else. Once you crack open each nug, you’ll be assaulted with sweet and tangy citrus notes mixed with some mellow earthy wood.


Green Crack has a taste that is quite unlike its aroma. On the inhale, you’ll be overwhelmed with the sweet tangy flavors of mango. This is enriched with hash and spice flavors that this strain gets from its Afghani origins.


The high that you get from Green Crack strain can’t be compared to other sativa cannabis strains that you may have already tried. For one thing, it has a slightly psychedelic effect that brings with it a trip unlike any other. You may feel some time dilation and some visuals once the high sets in. It also wakes you up better than a double shot espresso leaving you more energized and enthusiastic than you were before. It also brings with it feelings of inspiration making this one of the best to use for artistic types when creating art. This strain, however, can bring on some negative effects if you are not too careful with your dosage. Especially for those who are not used to using weed that has high THC levels, this hybrid can bring on some paranoia and sometimes even headaches.

Flowering Time

One of the best things about cultivating Green Crack whether outdoors or indoors is that it has a fairly fast flowering time. You can have these plants mature in as little as7 to 8 weeks. If you plan on growing them outdoors, your harvest time will be around mid-October.


Green Crack strain is a joy to grow for breeders of any level of experience. It can strive well both indoors and outdoors. However, if you are planning to grow them outdoors, it is best to plant them where you have temperatures that are pretty consistent with about 72-80 degrees Fahrenheit. For indoor breeding, it is recommended to top the plants off early to promote the more lateral growing and so that each plant can get as much light exposure as they can.

Medical Benefits

Green Crack has many medicinal properties which are why it is popular in the medical weed strains community. It doesn’t, however, have that much sedative properties as indica strains have made this not so much used as a sleeping aid. It has a high CBD content of up to 2% making this great to use for convulsions and epilepsy. It can also help slow down the growth of cancer cells in the body. This strain is best known for its ability to help mood disorders such as ADD/ADHD, depression, and bipolar disorder. This strain is also a natural remedy for those who suffer from migraines and chronic fatigue.

How to Grow Green Crack marijuana strain?

ating Green Crack is easier than most Sativa-dominant strains out there. The main reason is that its characteristics are more like an indica plant than a sativa one. This means that they are shorter, easier to grow, and flower faster than the usual sativa cannabis plants out there. Even beginner breeders will be able to cultivate this strain successfully. It takes about 7 to 8 weeks to reach full maturity when growing them indoors. You can use the Sea of Green method if you are planting them for commercial purposes. It is recommended to top them off early so that the plants can branch out laterally and get as much light exposure as they can. The main thing that you need to take note of when you are growing Green Crack strain is that you should cure them carefully. The proper curing will not only help preserve the bud’s potency but will also keep its terpene profile as smooth and as flavorful as possible.

Green Crack Strain Review

Unknown Guru ~ Smacks me mind and warps me to time travel. In moderato, it is cool and beautiful. Primo. Been smoking this for years. One of my top five strains and I got this growing outdoors.

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