Hawaiian Haze Strain: Enjoy A Fantastic Balance Head With A THC High Of 26%

Hawaiian Haze is a well-balanced hybrid that is best to use during the daytime as it energizes the body and expands the mind. Unlike most balanced weed strain, this particular hybrid has more Sativa effects without the roller coaster high that other balanced weed strains have. It has an intense high with THC levels that reach up to a fantastic 26%. This strain is not only known for its superb and solid high but also for its delicious tastes and flavors that cannabis lovers worldwide look for. Hawaiian Haze Strain is one of the highest quality weed strains that you could ever hope to find and is popular for both medical and recreational use. When taken, it brings the user into a dreamy state that is delightfully light. It has the Haze weed medicinal properties that make it great to use for those who have mental health concerns such as PTSD. This medical marijuana provides excellent pain relief and brings about overall wellness in both the mind and body. It is commonly used by cancer patients as a treatment and works to cure the common side effects of chemotherapy such as nausea.

What is Hawaiian Haze Strain?

If you are looking for an energizing cannabis strain with amazing taste, then Hawaiian Haze is just for you. It is a well-balanced hybrid that gives you the boost you need to get through the day. It is well-known for its tropical flavors and the Sativa effects that it brings its users. Hawaiian Haze is also popular in the medical marijuana community for its medical benefits. It’s THC levels range from 23 toa high of 27 percent. It has CBD levels that reach 2% making this a great strain to use for a number of conditions such as epilepsy.  They are tall growing plants with green buds that are cylindrical and narrow. Each nug is also light and airy with a thick coating of frosty crystal trichomes that shine in the light. There are attractive orange pistils that appear on the dense nugs.

History of Hawaiian Haze Cannabis Strain

The genetics of Hawaiian Haze is a pretty unique one. It comes from a mix between Hawaiian and Haze. Rumored to be first grown in volcanic soil, this strain has gotten its intoxicating flavors from its parent the Hawaiian. It gets its intense high due to its Haze genetics. With the combination of the two, it has brought about this incredible hybrid that not only tastes great but feels fantastic as well. The lineage of this plant hails from the Hawaiian Islands with a mix of Afghani marijuana.

Characteristics of Hawaiian Haze Weed Strain


The aroma of Hawaiian Haze will bring you straight to the Big Island with all the scents of tropical flowers and fruits that it gives off. It has a strong fragrance of lavender and other tropical fruits mixed with fruits from the tropics like pineapple. This is one of those weed strains that you can smell throughout the room as soon as you break apart a nug.

Hawaiian Haze strain has pretty much the same flavors as the aroma it gives out. As you inhale, you will be filled with flowery and fruity tropical flavors. Imagine having a drink of pineapple and peach mixed with lavender. That’s exactly what this delicious strain will taste like.

The Hawaiian Haze cannabis strain is great to wake and bake with. It brings with it a euphoric and energizing high that helps you kick-start your day in a better mood. It also motivates you to be more productive as you go about your tasks. It also has a trippy effect to it making some users prone to feeling a bit giddy. Hawaiian Haze is also known to help with socially awkward people. It makes them feel more talkative and sociable in group settings.

Hawaiian Haze weed takes a while to flower unlike other cannabis hybrids out there. For indoor growing, it can take up to 14weeks but the rewards are worth the wait. For those of you who are planning to plant them outdoors, the best time for them to flower is about late November.

Hawaiian Haze has the characteristics of a Sativa plant. This means that they grow tall and fragile with longer than average growing times. This strain can be cultivated both indoors and outdoors. This weed strain is moderately difficult to grow.

This medical marijuana is used as a treatment for epilepsy to reduce muscle spasms. It is also used by cancer patients to battle the Big C from the cellular level. It is a highly effective pain reliever and can be used to lower inflammation in the joints by those who suffer from arthritis. It works to get rid of nausea. It is used as a treatment for certain mental health conditions such as severe depression. It is an effective stress reliever and may be used by those who have PTSD. It can be used by those who have anxiety-related disorders and can stop a panic attack.

How to Grow Hawaiian Haze Marijuana Strain?

Hawaiian Haze is a special kind of marijuana plant that should be cultivated by breeders with more experience. This is because it is a pretty demanding Sativa-like strain. It is a tall plant so those who plan to grow them indoors should top them off early to keep them short. They also need a pretty strict 12-12 light schedule if you wish to yield a proper harvest. This strain will prosper and get higher yields when one uses the Sea of Green method. Since harvesting takes longer than most other weed strains at 12 to 14 weeks, make sure not to handle the precious buds before the plant is fully mature. This green marijuana plant might require support by means of stalking and other methods to hold up the heavy and compact buds. With proper training techniques and growing methods, the Hawaiian Haze marijuana plant will give an impressive crop of greed buds that have an extraordinarily potent and delicious hit.

Hawaiian Haze Strain Review

Anxiety-disorder patient ~ Being scatterbrained with ADD, I got to smokin’ this weed in the morning. It makes me feel like in a fairy tale as I get things done. It’s a creeper that has that psychoactive launch that makes me move and groove yet it can be a heavy stone of those days that I feel depressed. Hawaiian Haze weed is quite dank and there is that fruity taste, and it does have that strong Haze hit that I love.
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