Here Are Prescription Meds You Should Not Mix with Cannabis

You are able to see more and more people trying to self-medicate as medical cannabis is starting to grow in popularity. This is also the reason why cannabis clashing with prescription drugs is becoming more prevalent. You need to know that the interaction of these drugs within your body can be very complex.  The interaction of cannabis and prescription drugs are not the only factors involved in this one. your body’s unique biochemistry may also lay an important role. And that is why in this article that we will be talking about the many different prescription drugs that you should avoid mixing with cannabis.

One of the prescription drugs that you should not mix with cannabis is the benzodiazepines. There are some people though that have already mixed these drugs with cannabis always remember that they are not advisable. Both of these drugs can have a sedative effect on the body and its effects can increase once mixed together. The individual that will mix these drugs can have an overwhelming and uncomfortable experience with the heavy sedation that it provides.

A drug that is often prescribed to address narcolepsy and is used to prevent sleep is what the sodium oxybate is all about. You need to remember though that when this drug is mixed with cannabis that it can have an effect on the central nervous system and can depress it too dangerous levels. Once this happens that the individual might experience a coma. Once you mix these two drugs together then you might feel symptoms like impaired motor function and judgment, depression, shallow breathing, dizziness, cognitive impairment, and low blood pressure.

Antipsychotic drugs are the ones that shod also not be mixed with cannabis. If you are taking in high THC cannabis then it can get you that intense psychoactive experience. There are some people that think that it can moderate the effects of cannabis once you will be taking in antipsychotic drugs. But you have to know that you can also get issues from it. With the sedating effects of both drugs that it can make you over sedated and can give you that physically distressed feeling. There are some people though that have experienced a better effect of the antipsychotic drugs once mixed with cannabis it still depends on the right combination.

Drugs made with buprenorphine are the ones that are being used to wean people from stronger opioid painkillers although it is also classified as one. This drug, as well as cannabis, are both antidepressants which can act on the central nervous system. There are many known side effects that one can get with buprenorphine and can be dangerous especially when mixed with cannabis. Both drugs can cause over-sedation which is very dangerous.

SNRI’s are considered to be antidepressants and are used in treating nerve pain and depression. If you are taking these kinds of drugs then you should be careful about mixing them with cannabis, especially on your current treatment plans. Both of these drugs have an effect on the serotonin production which can eventually lead to mood swings and even serotonin syndrome. There are also some cannabinoids that cause antidepressant drugs to become more concentrated in the blood.

Drugs made with levomethadyl acetate are is considered to be an opioid painkiller. They are the ones that are just like methadone. Is one also have a sedative effect which is not to be combined with cannabis. Individuals that will be combining these drugs can feel claustrophobic and this can be very dangerous. With higher dosage that this drug can cause impaired motor functions and thinking, confusion, depression, and slow down breathing rates.

The SSRI’s are drugs that some people don’t have any issues with when combined with cannabis. There are many experts though who believe that there is all an effect once these drugs are combined. Studies have shown that cannabis can amplify the effects of SSRI’s. This is the reason why people who have severe mental disorders like depression and bipolar disorder will have violent mood swings. This is the reason that combining them may not be a good idea. There is also an increase in serotonin production once you will be taking both cannabis and SSRI. There are experts who have seen a link between these drugs whit serotonin syndrome.

No matter what heart conditions you have but if you have one then you must make sure that you will not be using cannabis. Cannabis is the one that can cause your blood pressure and heart levels to fluctuate which can increase the chances of experiencing heart attacks. This can be amplified more if you are a new cannabis user. For the experienced users though, they might just experience a lower heart rate. That is why if you are taking a beta blocker to control your blood presser should ales think twice before taking in cannabis. The effects of cannabis together with beta blockers can cause a drop in your blood pressure and a decrease in your heart rate at very dangerous levels.

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