7 Notable and Famous Potheads in History

Human beings have long used marijuana. Research suggests that the use of this remarkable herb dates back to the dawn of civilization. People from the past have been enjoying the many benefits of weed or marijuana. They value it as a recreational drug as well that brings excellent relaxation. And believe it or not, countless famous figures throughout history smokes or consumes marijuana. These people helped shaped the world and contributed a lot to society.

There are numerous influential and powerful potheads throughout history. In the past, there are no laws, yet that prohibits the use of marijuana. And so people are enjoying it with no limitations or boundaries. The truth is, many countries in the past encourage farmers to cultivate hemp or marijuana. It is because politicians, artists, leaders, and geniuses in the history know-how excellent marijuana is when it comes to making them feel much better and making them feel creative. 

Here are some of the famous potheads in history.

Pablo Picasso

Just look at the painting of Pablo Picasso, and you’ll know that he uses weed. His paintings are out of this world. How can one painter paint abstract figures without giving his brain some boosters? Well, weed can be one of the many factors as to why Picasso paints his painting the way he paints it. The famous painter has this ‘Cubism’ style, which is unique, skewed, but beautiful. Pablo Picasso understands the importance of the creative process and, at the same time, the power of pot.



George Washington

Yes, an American president. Believe it or not, there are lots of American presidents who smoke pot. Presidents that smoke pots include Clinton, Jefferson, and Obama, who recently admitted that he smoked a lot of weed when he was young. And again, this is because weed or marijuana is not bad for your health. It makes you feel more relaxed and comfortable with the environment. 

Also, it helps you think of great things and gives you a new and fresh idea. History knows that George Washington was a well-known hemp farmer. There are lots of evidence that you can find on the Internet today regarding Washington smoking pot or weed.


Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs recently died in 2011, but there is no denying that he is a famous and historical figure that shaped the world about us today. His influence in technology has changed the lives of modern people. His Apple brand was just unbelievable, and you can’t imagine how such a concept came into existence. Well, we might have the answer as to why Steve Jobs was able to create and market Apple correctly, and that is because of weed.

Yes, everybody knows that Steve Jobs was a hippie. He even admitted that he used LSD and weed back when he was in college. Steve Jobs understands the power of weed when it comes to making an individual more creative and productive.


William Shakespeare

Weed can make a person more creative and poetic. Don’t believe us? Well, William Shakespeare, considered as the most excellent writer of all time, uses weed. How can we say that the great bard uses weed? There was an excavation of his garden conducted by researchers, and they found out clay of pipes and traces of marijuana. Researchers are convinced that William Shakespeare, the great playwright, could not write all plays and poems without the help of weed. This deep and cool dude is a certified pothead that changes the course of history and art.


Emperor Shennong

The legendary Chinese emperor is known to be the one who pioneered the studies of medicine and agriculture. This emperor dedicated his time to studying different kinds of herbs and drugs. He wanted to treat different types of illnesses. Emperor Shennong was considered the founder of pharmacology. He is also known as the emperor, who uses tea using marijuana. Believe it or not, this Emperor from China allowed his people to pay him in weed. Marijuana currency, anyone?


Queen Victoria

This queen is famous for using different sorts of drugs. It is because Queen Victoria wanted to deal with labor pains. Her husband, who is also his cousin, wouldn’t stop knocking her up. But Queen Victoria’s most favorite drug is, of course, weed. But she uses the tincture. Don’t imagine her smoking weed like ordinary people, but her grace is classy and royal.



Okay, we already mentioned a pothead painter and a writer, now it’s time for the sculptor. Yes! Michelangelo uses weed. He is also considered one of the most talented painters of all time. Like how are you supposed to finish that painting in Sistine Chapel if you don’t use weed? It is backbreaking work, and you’ll feel somebody pains and neck pains while painting it.

It is where weed comes. Michelangelo and the people know how effective weed is when it comes to relieving particular pains. He also understands how great it is when it comes to boosting his creativity.


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