How to date a Cannabis Smoker

How to date a Cannabis Smoker

The population of cannabis smokers has gradually increased through the years, both medicinal and for recreation.  One day perhaps you might have someone to smoke it with. Wouldn’t it be exciting and more fun to have someone around smoking with you? However, make sure your partner is not that addicted to it though because that is another thing if he/she is. Having a relationship with a dope smoker isn’t a bad thing, actually, you’ll have the same feeling with what a normal relationship would have it would even get more intense. Don’t know how to find your partner in weed smoking yet? Read all the guidelines below and you’ll know how to date a cannabis smoker.

Building Foundation

The very first thing to do in finding or meeting someone is to know him/her better, is that right? Yes. It’s part of a healthy relationship if you already have backgrounds about your partner, not just the basic but the deeper whereabouts of his/her life. This way you will be able to understand him/her on how he acts and how he responds to things.

You’ll also be able to know his/her habits and what he does in life, if you’re finding someone who smokes weed strains for recreational purposes and not because he’s madly addicted to it then you might have found the person you are looking for. A stoner but not an addicted stoner.

Compare your Compatibilities

If you’d want to date a cannabis smoker, you’ll make sure he/she smokes but you don’t want to date a madly addicted smoker though. This could be considered as something both of you have in common.

For instance, if you’re still getting to know each other more, try to ask what is his interest and ask something inclined with cannabis, or smoking cannabis and see to it that he/she likes what you are talking about.

Answer and Ask Questions

It doesn’t have to be a Q and A set up for the both of you instead you can ask questions while your dating or hanging out with each other. Dating can be beneficial if you’d want to be with a cannabis smoker. It would greatly help you avoid smokers who are showing aggressiveness, unstable moods, and addiction issues, these characters can commonly be observed with cannabis smoker though not all, but there are users who have this attitude and you might not know it until you together in a relationship and it’s going to be too late to back out.

You’re a smoker so you’ll know and you can also have the idea of the traits for the smoker you are looking for.

Smoker meets Stoner

Smoking cannabis has a lot of effects entailed and you’ll know this if you smoke. However, not all people know that smoking cannabis isn’t that bad. For some, it means their addicts, crack or unmotivated people. That’s a little rude but that’s true if you’re a smoker but not addicted then you’re fine. But if you’re considering it meeting someone it can also be inevitable to think this way especially when you’re still getting to know him/her.

Don’t stop this notion in finding your ideal smoker though just like how they say it “don’t ever judge the book by its cover, read the pages first”

Be knowledgeable about Weed Strains

Weed strains can be used for both medical treatment and recreation. It’s been popularly known for its potent effects and it’s bursting flavors It’s necessary that both you and your partner are familiar enough about the effects and after-effects of smoking weed strains.

You must know it usually induces euphoria and muscle relaxation. The interesting part of smoking marijuana if you have a partner who smokes too is due to its THC levels that could increase the dopamine levels in the brain. A heightened dopamine level in the body could result to increase sex drive in one person which could make your relationship and bonding more intense. Knowing the after-effects of smoking marijuana is also necessary, this could benefit both of you to take care of each other in times of worst hangovers after a night of intense smoking together.

Rules and Boundaries

I know that when you’re in a relationship you’d have butterflies in your stomach and you’ll always feel happy, that’s what you feel when your stoned and high too. However, if you still want to have motivations and insights for your future then you and your partner can smoke but make sure to set boundaries. This will help you control each other’s urges and will still be able to work with a normal life. You can smoke on special occasions, gathering with friends and on your special night together. Rules and boundaries are important anytime and anywhere you go.

Ready to find your smoke partner? Make sure to make a checklist and include the points mentioned above! Let us know if you have seen him/her, we’d love to know.

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