How to Keep Your Weed Fresh

How to Keep your Marijuana Buds Fresh

Keeping your buds fresh can be a challenge for anyone who is new or even those who tend to buy a large supply at a time (i.e. those who do not have the opportunity to buy all the time.) Choosing the best way to store and keep your stash fresh will always depend on the conditions and resources you have. One most important thing is to store it in a cool, dry place and away from light, damp conditions or any heat source.

If you can safely and correctly store your buds, they can last up to five years with the same quality and potency. They should be stored as whole buds and not ground to preserve in the long term.

Do’s and Don’ts


  • Keep in a cool, dark, and dry place.
  • Transport freshly bought ones immediately and store.
  • Preserve trichomes, cannabinoids, and terpenes by not grinding the buds.


  • Don’t handle your weed roughly
  • Don’t fridge or freeze it.
  • Don’t store near heat sources (including above the stove)
  • Don’t store in aluminum foil or paper products

Keeping your buds fresh

Glass jars

Sealed glass jars are perfect containers to store your cannabis. A glass jar can seal out moisture and ensure the buds stay fresh. You can opt to use mason jars or better yet, jars with plastic silicon sealings for total airtightness. Having small jars can allow you to keep a variety of cannabis buds separate. Before sealing them in the jar, make sure your weeds are not too damp, moisture on the buds can cause molds to grow and wet ones that would not dry in airtight containers are no good for smoking.

Invest in a humidor

There are smoking paraphernalia like a cigar humidor, but there is also a specially made cannabis humidors. This tool is designed to keep your cannabis at the perfect humidity (the same percent required when growing it) for maximum enjoyment and use. This option is a top choice for marijuana connoisseurs. Though they can be expensive, they are worthy investments for daily and serious smokers especially those using it for medical-use and needs certain grams a day. There are affordable ones available on the market and will allow you to keep a larger supply at hand and put you at ease when you’re investing in quality weed.

Sealed bags (Ziploc)

If you’re running on the cheap side or want to save for quality weed than spend on designer cannabis containers, then Ziploc bags can be a great option for you to help keep your weeds fresh. Although they are not entirely seeded, if you can keep it in a good place then you can keep them fresh for quite a while. Stronger strains may need layers.

No Direct Sunlight

As any drug description would tell you, keep away from direct sunlight. Cannabis is pretty much the same in this case, even worse actually. Cannabis, when heated releases THC, or the cannabinoid that causes the high and effects of the weed. Therefore, we resort to smoking and processing it with heat to be consumed as edibles. If you store your cannabis somewhere with direct sunlight or any heat source, you may end up with a slightly less potent strain. Moreover, if your cannabis is heated it might release a smell and fill your location with its aroma.

Don’t Freeze it

As one of our don’ts on our list, it is a common enough advice by smokers and growers alike. Do not freeze or fridge your weed. Although preservation of meat and vegetables are commonly done by storing them in the fridge the opposite is true for cannabis. The damp environment of a fridge is not ideal for a weed to be stored in. Weeds can easily grow molds in the right moist condition even if it is sealed. Although there is no other way a fridge would harm your stash, it not bad to be safe from the molds.

Buy Fresh, Use Immediately

This may not be ideal for everyone. But one way to keep your weed fresh is to use it fresh. If you have a regular dealer or grower then you can ask them to give you the fresh ones or the ones just harvested.  If you are the kind to buy a large supply at once then this option is probably not for you.

In Conclusion

Marijuana buds can be safely stored fresh for years if you can choose the best way and avoid doing the don’ts of storing marijuana buds. Generally, the buds should be kept in a dark, cool and dry place, preferably in sealed containers whether glass or bags and kept away from heat sources always. If done with care, you can smoke or use marijuana buds that are still potent and fresh three years after you buy them.

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