How to Legally Grow Marijuana at Home in Canada

How to Legally Grow Marijuana at Home in Canada

The Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR) was announced last August 11, 2016, legalizing the production, cultivation, and home-growing of cannabis for Medical Purposes in Canada.

If you are aiming to grow your weed strains at home, then here are some things you should know.

Registered individuals may produce and grow limited amounts of weed strains. This cannabis must be grown and used for their own medical purposes only.


Growing Marijuana in Canada might now be legal, but it does not come without rules and limitations. Anyone aiming to cultivate cannabis must first obtain a Health Canada Registration Certificate and must only grow the plant for medicinal purposes.

Precautions and Safety Measures

Growing cannabis has simple precautions and safety measures imposed by ACMPR to anyone growing it. They are as follows:

  • It is required by ACMPR to secure any possessions of weed strains and/or cannabis plants. Only the patient should have access to the plant and it should be secured away from others, especially children.
  • It is recommended that the plants be hidden from the outside view of the home or yard. And certain steps should be taken to limit the aromas from the growing site as well.

Legally Growing Cannabis Indoors and Outdoors in Canada

Which is the Best Marijuana Growing in Canada?

Growing marijuana whether indoors or outdoors requires the growers to be compliant with the rules. When cultivating weed strains indoors, plants should have enough and proper ventilation but should follow the provincial and/or territorial building and municipality code. Some changes and modification should be done in the home for the proper electrical or structural change to accompany indoor cultivation of cannabis.

When growing outdoors, the location should comply with the rule that it cannot share a common point with boundaries of public playgrounds, schools or any other place frequented by minors 18 years old and below. There should also be security systems if you are growing cannabis outside in order for you to secure that others do not have access to it. Some suggestions by ACMPR are alarm systems, securely locked gates, and tall fences.

As per the strict rule of ACMPR, any cannabis possession should be stored in a safe and secure place with a lock, may it be a trunk, cabinet, shed, closet or etc. Locks installed should be solid and on every door of the production site. Protection by installation of an alarm system and/or home monitoring system is encouraged as well. For growers and patients with children, the security of the cannabis to avoid accidental ingestion is a top priority so the cannabis should be stored in childproof containers.

Health Concerns When Growing Cannabis at Home in Canada

The ACMPR also addresses health concerns when growing cannabis legally at home. Here are some that should be taken into consideration:

  • Usage of chemical products like pesticide should be checked for safety for the plants you wish to use to smoke, vaporize or eat.
  • When making your own tinctures like butter oil, or other marijuana extract products, usage of methyl chloride, chlorinated hydrocarbons, butane, benzene, and other organic solvent is forbidden. Usage of such poses significant risks like fires and explosions.

Any excess amount of Marijuana products should and must be destroyed by the authorized person who stores and possesses the cannabis. It is important that any authorized person stays within the authorized possession and storage limits at all times. Measures to protect others including children, pets, or anyone in the same vicinity or household that any excess marijuana and those not fit for consumption should be condensed and disposed of. Here are the recommended ways of legally disposing of Marijuana:

  • Blend the cannabis with water
  • Mix with kitty litter in order to mask the cannabis aroma.
  • Dispose of the entire mixture in garbage storage

It is important to remember that any marijuana or cannabis for disposal should not be burned.

How to Apply to Grow Cannabis Legally in my Home

Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR) allows registered Canadian adults to grow the plants in their home whether for personal and/or medical use. ACMPR also allows Canadian adults to register to commercially grow cannabis for business. There are different types of licenses issued by the country to legally produce weed strains.

You can click here for the registration form.


Growing Marijuana in your home in Canada can only be done legally if you are a registered grower in the country. It is also imperative that you read about the rules and the guideline the bodies of government have laid out for growing Cannabis.

Growing and disposal of Cannabis can pose security problems to others and should be taken seriously by any registered adults. The limitations on the possession and storage of Marijuana should strictly be followed at all times.

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