How to Make Hash Oil With Rubbing Alcohol

Making your own hash oil is easy with the right steps and recipe. Learning how to make homemade hash oil can get tricky but will require just a short amount of your time. Hash oil will allow you to enjoy a stronger weed and helps you recycle those unusable weeds instead of just throwing them out and wasting them.

Making Hash Oil

How to Make your Own Hash Oil

Making sure you have the right Alcohol

Making hash oil may be easy but it still requires certain things that need a little consideration. For most enthusiasts, they would just choose whatever alcohol they see. But it is imperative that you buy and use high-grade isopropyl alcohol (also known as rubbing alcohol). If you can’t find a high-quality rubbing alcohol, then you can opt to use vodka or rum. You would have to be careful about choosing vodka or rum because these contain compounds and chemicals that could modify or enhance the flavors of the cannabis you’re going to smoke. And most importantly, be careful not to use denatured alcohol because its toxicity can poison you.

Using Ground Weed

To make hash oil, it would make a better product if you grind your weed finely. You can do this manually or use a grinder. Doing this will make the next process faster and more efficient for you, but it is not necessary

Mixing your weed and alcohol

This is the crucial step in making hash oil. The alcohol will serve as your base and will absorb all the cannabinoid content of your weed. You can use any container, but a glass jar is recommended. Put all your weed in it and fill with alcohol until all of the weeds are covered. Seal tightly and store for at least 24 hours but you can opt to do this longer. After some time, you will notice a change in the color of the liquid (usually turning green.)

Filtering the Hash Oil

When you’re done curing your mix you can get another container and use a coffee filter or cheesecloth to filter carefully. Allowing you to sift the solid with the liquid.

Evaporation of Alcohol

This time do not seal the container and instead let it stand for a few hours and let evaporate, only the alcohol compound will evaporate, and you will be left with thick and sticky concentrated cannabis. You can also use a stove to evaporate the alcohol but could potentially be dangerous.

Hash Oil Collection

The end product is a green thick and sticky concentration of Cannabis and you can collect the hash oil from this. From this mixture, you can also make your own homemade hash wax. When compared to wax, oil can be a little complicated to do as it takes double the time and involves more materials and chemicals, but Hash oil is much more expensive in dispensaries and having your own would save you a lot of money.

Tips and Caution

There are variations in recipes for making your own hash oil. Some would prefer another type of alcohol than isopropyl. Ethyl alcohol is also a popular choice since it is edible and is safe for consumption. If for some reason, not all alcohol evaporates from the mixture, there would be no problem. The most popular choice of alcohol is Everclear grain alcohol.

Some users like to freeze their weed and alcohol for eight hours before starting the process. Freezing buds helps make it easier for the trichomes to detach from the plant. Since trichomes are the most important component containing THC and CBD, it helps to make the best use of all the trichomes in the plant and leave all other parts that may be harsh when it’s frozen. You can try to flush your weed once or as many times as you’d like before starting the mixture. But flushing is not nearly as potent as letting the mixture stand and filtering for oil afterward.

It should be taken as a precautionary measure not to allow the alcohol to touch any stainless, metal, plastic, rubber, or any material that may seep into it. Chemicals processed in these materials may mix with your final product resulting in bad taste and possibly reduced potency.

To make larger quantities or batches of hash oil, you can change a few things in your formula. You can use larger containers, the number of weeds and larger strainers. Use a rice cooker to heat your solution to avoid direct heat applied to your alcohol, whether isopropyl or pure grain. You can also make a double boiler and use It for this process. To do this, you just need to take a pot and fill one-fourth of It with water. Boil and reduce to simmer. Try to find a strong bowl that won’t shatter with the heat and fits just right on top of the pot. You can use this bowl to evaporate the alcohol in your mix and keep the cannabinoids. Do this in a ventilated area and don’t let fumes accumulate as there is a danger of fire, drunkenness or unconsciousness.

Wrapping Up

Hash oil is a form of concentrated cannabis produced from various chemicals and weed. Some use alcohol, acetone, petroleum ether or even butane. This is a highly potent form of cannabis in liquid form. They are sold in vials carrying from a gram to five. Hash oil can be consumed in different ways like edibles and smoking.

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