How Weed Affects Our Dreams

How Weed Affects Our Dreams

Smoking marijuana doesn’t necessarily mean you are addicted to it, though it may sound a little odd for people who don’t smoke weed. However, plenty of users have tried smoking marijuana and noticed that every time they sleep after getting stoned, they’re dreams are empty. What could have happened to them?

In this article, you’ll find out how smoking marijuana affects our dreams and what happens to our brains when we go high and stoned in one night. Can marijuana really avoid us from dreaming? Let’s find out.

Science and Facts

It’s a given factor that marijuana can comfort you and sedate you, thus giving you relaxation, but how far does its potent effect reach? All you did was take a few clouds of smoke from a hybrid strain of marijuana and the following day you’re out in the sun wondering what had happened last night.

A little idea would sink into your mind, maybe you weren’t dreaming because you were sleeping too much, or it could be because you were so high that you passed out and forgot what happened. Let’s dig deeper as to how our brain works while we sleep and how does it function when we smoke marijuana before we sleep.

how weed affects our dreams

Through an electroencephalogram, the stages of sleep are detected. We mainly have five stages of sleep which naturally repeats three times in one sleep cycle, or whenever the 8-hour sleep pattern is completed. During the first stage, we will feel a bit relaxed though we can still feel our consciousness. This is the stage where we create imaginations or recollections of how the day went. We could easily wake up and get back to the real world in just one snap. The second stage has more physiological functions to the eyes, body movements, and the brain. All actions are natural and normal since you have transitioned from the first to the second stage. This stops your brain neurotransmitters from sending signals which also deactivates a few functions like body movement. It is also considered a preparatory stage for the deep sleep phase.

Third or the deep sleep stage is a vital part of the sleep cycle. The first two stages only induced primal functions. While on the third stage your body recharges and requires the restoration of damaged cells or tissues and avoids your body from any pathologic deficiencies. Your brain in this stage is vulnerable, it’s slow and is getting ready for the REM stage. The third stage is crucial since it entails negative effects to your body once you are disrupted by it, remember that this is your recharging phase. However, it is also very hard to wake up somebody who is on the verge of having a deep sleep. When you reach old age, deep sleep will not always be present in your sleep cycle. It may be there but you’ll only experience it in a limited time frame.

The rapid eye movement or the REM stage is where all dreams happen. The “almost awake” stage, or the last part of the sleep cycle. It’s considered the last part of the sleep cycle since the fifth part is where you’d wake up. The REM lets your brain be active and wild, it takes advantage of your imaginations from the first stage and mimics them into dreams. Your breathing tends to be irregular due to your brain activity, often your heart beats faster than normal and sometimes unexpectedly we cry at the REM stage if we are having nightmares. It totally changes every function of your body once you are dreaming. It is called the “almost awake” stage since this is the time where we dream and wake up after, that is why we can easily remember what was our dream all about.

Marijuana Dreams

Availability of Cannabis in Calgary

To simplify why we can’t have a dream or remember a dream when we smoke marijuana is due to the sedation properties of marijuana or scientifically known as cannabis. The weed you smoke possesses tetrahydrocannabinol or a THC level which measures its effect, specifically its cerebral effects to the brain. Affecting mostly your sensory neurons enabling you to sleep deeply that you won’t be able to recognize your dream and just totally forget about it when you wake up. Dreaming can’t be gone in your system, it’s a vital part of the restructuring and recharging of your body, as it is a sign that your brain still functions while your body is physically resting.

Too much time in a night of deep sleep can make you sluggish or drowsy when you wake troubling you from remembering everything even the time you got high.

It is actually beneficial to smoke marijuana if you are a person prone to nightmares or sleeps paralysis, as what is stated prior, smoking marijuana lets you rest and takes you to deep sleep. Marijuana is currently used as an alternative treatment for disorders inclined to sleep like insomnia, sleep paralysis, and sleep apnea.

Now, are you afraid to have nightmares again? Get premium quality weed products here. Smoke a moderate amount of weed, get a little high, and take the nicest and deepest sleep you could have. Don’t forget to let us know how it went, we await your comments!

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