Jack Herer Strain: First Medical Marijuana Weed Recognized By The Dutch Government

Exquisite Ganga, Jack Herer strain is Amsterdam weed. One of the most popular pots in the world, this marijuana plant is recognized by Dutch pharmacies as medical-grade. This distinction is one that is solely for Jack Herer weed strain that was chosen by the Dutch government for study decades ago to become the first recognized medical marijuana in the world. It is distributed as a prescription medicine. It is a multi-awarded cannabis cup strain that deserves a spot in any home cultivar garden. It has extremely high yields and is an impressive cash-crop. The potent buds are great for medical use and provide fast-acting relief for pain and mental health concerns such as anxiety. For day or night use, it does have the capacity to be a mind-changer and tap the creative reservoir to unleash the power within.

What is Jack Herer Strain?

Notably, a marijuana icon plant that paved the way for other cannabis plants to be recognized as medical marijuana. Jack Herer marijuana has THC levels that range from 18% to 23%. This cannabis plant can grow over 78 inches in height. It is a sublime blend of the mind-expanding sativa type and has the extreme resin production of an indica. When ready to harvest, the dense buds, speared leaves, and fan leaves, up to the stalks and stems of this medical marijuana is sparkling as it is covered thickly with clear, dew-drop like trichomes. Jack Herer cannabis has high yields from the super-sized and succulent calyxes that swell when mature.

History of Jack Herer Cannabis Strain

The Jack Herer strain is bred by Sensi Seeds, a company located in the Netherlands. It was named Jack Herer to honor the book author of “The Emperor Wears No Clothes.” This landmark book and the activism of the author is one of the moving factors for cannabis to be recognized as a valuable resource. Since the  mid-1990s, this pot has won 9 cannabis cup awards. It is 50% indica and 50% sativa. A balanced hybrid, the marijuana plants grown from Jack Herer seeds have variations due to the complex background of this plant that is at the cusp of the two types. This plant is a result of combining a mysterious Haze hybrid with a powerhouse Northern Lights #5 and an exotic Shiva Skunk cross. The enhanced features are from both types and appear when the plant grows to show different combinations. This allows home and commercial cultivars to choose mother plants depending on their desires and requirements. There are 3 out of the 4main phenotypes that are Sativa leaning. The other phenotype grows like an indica. These plants are fast-flowering and compact, with rounded, dense buds. Jack Herer strain is a cash-crop.

Characteristics of Jack Herer Weed Strain


This has a pungent aroma of spice and earth. It has pine, lemon, and other citrus fruits in the smell. There is a distinct herbal odor.


The flavor blend of this weed includes that of deep earth that has a bit of spiciness. It has the taste of pine with a woody nature. There is a citrusy sweetness to the flavors.


All the phenotypes of this weed strain have fabulous potency that provides the balance effects of both types of weed strain. It has a great cerebral high that brings one into the clouds. Mind-changing, it unleashes creativity while providing an energy rush. It has a fabulous buzz with that tingling sensation that starts from the head and encompasses the body.

Flowering Time

This weed will take 8 to 10 weeks to flower. It is a photoperiod weed stain that will burst into flower with the proper changing of light cycles.


This plant is moderately easy to grow. It can be grown indoors and outdoors.

Medical Uses

This medical marijuana strain is an excellent pain reliever. It is used to reduce and/or get rid of musculoskeletal pain and neuropathic pain. This provides fast-acting relief for pain and addresses other health concerns. It is a treatment for those with anxiety-related disorders such as panic attacks. It is prescribed for those who have depression. It is also a prescribed treatment for anxiety-related disorders such as panic attacks as provides fast-acting relief from mental health concerns such as psychological tension. It also gives stress relief. It is an excellent pain reliever and can be used by those who have back pain, neck pain, and other body aches. It gets rid of fatigue.

How to Grow Jack Herer Marijuana Strain?

This weed strain is sold as regular cannabis seeds. This marijuana plant prefers full sun and can thrive in the partial share. It does well in Mediterranean climate conditions. A tall plant, the stretch is wide, so make sure it has enough space for the root system in the growing medium, enough space for the stretch, and sufficient space for the height. This high yielding plant must be allowed time to get fully matured and the buds should be left undisturbed. The indoor harvest can be as high as 18 ounces per square meter while the outdoor harvest can be as great as 18 ounces per plant. This tall plant might require support by means of stalking or other methods. A hardy plant, it will thrive in less than ideal conditions but will prosper when growing marijuana methods such as the Seo of Green or the Screen of Green is used. It is a common misconception that this plant is auto-flowering. It is not and does require the changing of light cycles to flower.

Jack Herer Strain Review

Medical marijuana patient ~ It’s part of my daily routine to take this weed. It takes away the bore from the chores and gets me moving, motivated, and in the mood. I am grateful for this pot and that I get to smoke a lot of it as it keeps my cancer at bay and allows me to enjoy a better quality of life.
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