Jungle Cake Strain: Hot New Marijuana Strain for 2022

jungle cake strain driedJungle cake strain is part of a huge boom of exotic strains for the the Golden state – California. We are constantly being hit with questions about this hot new strain, and it’s soon to be availability at MOM Canada.

We will try and help you with the burning questions you gotta know about this strain.

Jungle Cake Strain Background and Lineage

Jungle Cake was first propagated by Seed Junky Genetics. They crossed Wedding Cake (Cherry Pie x Girl Scout Cookies) as well as White Fire # 43 (A phenotype of White Fire OG, also known as Wi-fi OG) and also produced an uber potent yet completely well balanced 50/50 hybrid strain.

The Jungle cake strain was named after its White Fire moms and dad considering that White Fire is a cross in between White Rhino (thus the term “jungle”) as well as Fire OG. It offers around 26-30% THC on average in addition to a musky kush aroma that mingles perfectly with a luscious sweet taste from the Wedding Cake moms and dad.

Jungle Cake Appearance and Looks

As a plant, Forest Cake is a bit of a beast. She expands both tall as well as vast presenting vivid tones of eco-friendly and purple on her broad water leaves. The colas are densely packed and on the larger side, only a tad smaller than your average standard-sized football. The flowers themselves are coated in a thick layer of wintry white as well as silver trichome heads and have a tendency to variety in shades from deep woodland environment-friendly to a lighter color of yellowish-green. When dried out and broken into individual buds, you can see its red and orange pistils through the thick blanket of trichomes on each rounded grape-shaped nug.

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jungle cake strain bloomGrowing Jungle Cake: Is it Possible?

Growing Jungle Cake is commonly impossible. Seed Junky Genes hasn’t launched the seeds for this certain cut, so it’s only available through duplicate from someone who currently has actually the strain propagated. Nonetheless, as it gets popularity it may quickly be provided for seed acquisition. Regardless, Jungle Cake is a little bit on the finicky side when it involves growing. As a 50/50 crossbreed, Jungle Cake expands both high and also broad, so bending and also educating from an early age is critical to effective blossom production.

As a Girl Scout Cookies reduced with thick, dense flowers, she’s additionally pretty vulnerable to mold and mildew as well as grainy mildew, so watching on her moisture degrees is likewise vital to success. Jungle Cake is a high yielder, so you can expect 1 extra pound per plant typically so long as you cut prior to blossoming to urge the plant to focus on flower manufacturing. Overall, she’s reasonably tough to grow as well as is ready to collect in 8-10 weeks. If you are seeking jungle cake seeds look into our good friends at Crop King Seeds.


Simple and straightforward, Jungle Cake has an odor in the very best feasible means. On the plant, the blossoms scent like a real bakery. Those Woman Precursor Cookie genes shine through and enable an extremely abundant, robust, and also sugary sweet scent that reminds us of a yellow or vanilla cake. However, the dried flowers take on a various account. When the flowers completely dry, they cover the jar (as well as whatever room they might be neglected in) with a sour, earthy seasoning typical of many kush as well as diesel stress. However, those bakeshop fragrances are still there. A deeper inhale will certainly bring notes of creamy sweet taste, fruit, and nuttiness forward, leaving you with an inevitably pleasant and spicy perception. Some state the brand-new Lava Cake stress has some extremely similar traits.


Lots of describe the Jungle Cake strain taste as shockingly unique in the feeling that it has a sweet, sweet, taste that tastes much like marshmallows. The impression of the stress is a whole lot like its Wedding celebration Cake moms and dad– mostly pleasant and creamy with a tip of nuttiness. Nevertheless, it does get several of that moisture from the Wi-fi moms and dad. The smoke itself is thick and also spicy, with emotional undertones of gasoline. However, the aftertaste is a wonderful marital relationship in between both flavors, leaving you with a pleasant fruity nuttiness that mellows into diesel and also marshmallow.


Jungle Cake is a heavy hitter with a ton of THC, so it can be a little extreme for new cigarette smokers or individuals that are sensitive to THC. With approximately 30% THC, it isn’t one to be taken too lightly. The high is likewise a creeper, so it’s simple to take an added hit by mishap without actually needing one since the results take a min or 2 to reach their complete impacts. Nonetheless, that good sluggish build bring about a perfectly uplifted and also generously euphoric mindset. It brings about a moment of pure happiness and joy as well as allows you down in a positive fit of laughs as your optimal subsides.

While the analytical effect is uplifting and energised, the pressure also offers potent physical alleviation in the form of pure leisure. While your mindset boosts, your body won’t succumb to drowsiness or couch-lock, making it a fantastic pressure for almost at any time of day. This combination of physical alleviation and psychological understanding can come up with sensations of imagination and stimulation along with a case of the munchies. However, you can also expect side effects like dry eyes or cottonmouth. Some beginner customers might experience stress and anxiety or paranoia with a strong dose, though these negative effects aren’t as common.

Jungle Cake Medical Use?

With a strong dose of THC and a wonderful mix of effects, Jungle Cake is a highly medically viable stress. It might aid soothe the symptoms of tension as well as clinical depression or assist with fatigue thanks to its uplifting and also energizing psychological result. If you have persistent tension, mood swings, or signs of PMS, you can additionally grab Jungle Cake to improve your state of mind as well as minimize your discomfort, swelling, or cramping. Since it’s understood for triggering the munchies, Jungle Cake is likewise wonderful for patients experiencing appetite loss, eating problems, or the hunger-staving side effects of radiation treatment as well as particular medicines. The great balance of effects is fantastic for physical and psychological alleviation.

Final Verdict?

Altogether, we rate the Jungle Cake strain a 4 out of 5. While it scores ideal marks in appearance, scent, flavors, and results, it sheds factors for its trouble in farming and also the reality that seeds are currently unavailable for acquisition. If growing isn’t truly your point anyhow, the stress itself lacks an uncertainty worth the hype. Have you ever before tried Jungle Cake? Let us recognize your ideas in the remarks. If you wish to get some Jungle Cake check out several of our favorite distribution solutions. Additionally if you intend to obtain your hands on some high quality Jungle Cake Stress seeds below is a wonderful place to try.

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