Mail Order Marijuana In Kitchener, Ontario

Kitchener residents can order our real marijuana for sale for medical purposes. Our marijuana products vary in form (eg. Buds, hash, joints, butter, cookies, tincture, and many others) with delivery direct to your home, office or any address within Kitchener that you will provide us. We always make sure that all delivery made is discrete and secure.

Mail Order Cannabis is available with express delivery right after we have received your full payment. Free shipping will be given to those who will purchase $200 plus. Those who have medical marijuana membership cards will get discount prices for all our weed strains and other products for sale. Don’t worry if you don’t have any membership cards. We can still provide you with discounts for as long you can prove your medical condition.

Our real weed strains and its various products which are for sale on our website are specially grown and prepared by our expert growers and chefs. We are located in British Columbia which is the home of the finest buds in North America. With our website, we bridge the gap between you and our premium real mail order marijuana products.

A portion of our sales will proceed to the legalization efforts in Canada thus you will not only be getting high-quality weed strains and products but you are also helping the legalization efforts. We are a group of friends who love to try new strains of cannabis and edibles which we would like to share to you. We were in the alcohol industry before we have realized the social problems alcohol has brought in the country. Marijuana is a safer alternative to alcohol and it is a cure for a lot of medical conditions. We believe that legalizing it can end the agony of a lot of marijuana enthusiasts in Canada. Please spread the word about what our company can offer you to your friends and family in Kitchener and the rest of Canada.

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