Easy Marijuana Decarboxylation Methods

Marijuana decarboxylation, all you need to know


Everyday more and more customers are asking MOM what is marijuana decarboxylation, and why is it important? Before we answer that question, we should take a look at what exactly is decarboxylation? Decarboxylation is essential for cannabis edibles. If this seems too much for you, you can always buy weed online and get cannabis edibles.

What is marijuana decarboxylation?


Ever eat a fresh marijuana nug? I hope not. But if you have, you did not get high from it. Raw marijuana is not psychoactive. This is because THC is in the form of acid. To activate THC’s psychoactive properties, marijuana needs to be heated. Decarboxylation happens when cannabis has heat applied to it, there for activating the cannabinoids. So in simple terms, what is actually happening during this decarboxylation process?

Simply put, THCA when heated becomes THC. THC is responsible for stimulating the brain, and giving the nice psychoactive effect from marijuana, most of us are now familiar with. So when marijuana is smoked or vaped, the combustion decarboxylates the weed.  Well, what if we don’t want to smoke or vape the weed? Like when we want cannabis edibles, or marijuana edibles?

Well decarboxylation is essential when looking to consume marijuana edibles. This is a primary step before baking the edible. If we didn’t the marijuana would have no psychoactive properties.

decarboxylation THCA to THC
Chemical diagram of conversion of THCA to THC during decarboxylation.

So how do we decarboxylate our marjuana?


The first thing that we have to do is to grind the marijuana in small pieces with help of a grinder or similar. We like to use a food processor, just tapping the “pulse” button a couple of times. This is to ensure that the heat is distributed in a uniform way and affects every part equally.

Decarboxylation requires temperature and time, in other words, a certain amount of heat for a certain period of time. There is not only one recipe to decarboxylate, but we always recommend using the minimum temperature to keep the maximum number of terpenes and cannabinoids. How long does it take to decarboxylate?🤨

Marijuana decarboxylation in oven


In our opinion, the best way to decarboxylate weed is in the oven, for 45 or 50 minutes at a temperature of 105ºC, but it can also be done faster, in just 30 minutes, raising its temperature to a maximum of 120ºC. Over this temperature some terpenes begin to volatilize, so it is not recommended to go over 120ºC. I’ll explain you how we do it in 6 simple steps:

  1. We take a tray and place a sheet of baking paper on it
  2. Over it we spread the crushed weed so that there is a thin layer and as uniform as possible
  3. Pre-heat the oven to 105ºC
  4. When it has reached that temperature we put the tray that we have previously prepared with the chopped cannabis
  5. We wait 45 to 50 minutes
  6. We take out our activated weed


marijuana decarboxylation in oven
Ground up marijuana being placed in the oven to start decarboxylation.


You will see that cannabis has changed from a bright green to an opaque brown, it is normal, that is one of the visual changes that happen with the process of marijuana decarboxylation, but the big changes are not visible to the naked eye, as you can imagine.


Other marijauna decarboxylating methods


There are other ways to activate your cannabis for edibles,

There are people who prefer other ways to activate cannabis, perhaps for convenience, speed, or because they do not have an oven. Do you want to know how? We will show you other marijuana decarboxylation methods. If this process is not for you, there are other options such as buy weed online Canada, and order marijuana online for your cannabis edibles.


Microwave marijuana decarboxylation


Other users, the best method is the microwave. Many people worry about the microwave degrading terpenes and cannabinoids, this is false if used properly. It is really clear if done right, the cannabinoids are there, cause you can of course feel it. If you are in a hurry, this is a great way to make your cannabis edibles.

The major advantage to using the microwave over the oven for example, besides the speed, there is less chance to burn the weed. It is of course faster as well, than to buy weed online.

  1. Grind the marijuana
  2. Place it spread out on a dish
  3. Put the dish with the chopped cannabis in the microwave
  4. Heat it for 3 minutes at half power
  5. Take out your active cannabis.


Marijuana Decarboxylation in sous vide?


A less used method, but an excellent way to decarboxylate your marijuana before you use in cannabis edibles is to use a sous vide. First, you would need access to a vacuum sealer. Basically you will vacuum seal the marijuana and look to boil it for an hour. This is perhaps MOM dispensary favourite method to make cannabis edibles.

The 5 steps to do this are:

  1. 1. Break up the marijuana without grinding it. You will want bigger pieces that previous methods mentioned before.
  2. 2. Place the cannabis in the vacuum sealed back, seal it and leave it. This helps for your marijuana edibles.
  3. 3. Put water in the sous vide sauce pan, and bring it to a boil.
  4. 4. Then lower the water temperature a bit, so the water is not in a vigorous boil to 95ºC. Maximum temperature without boiling. This will ensure you marijuana will not burn, forcing you to order cannabis online.
  5. 5. Put the vacuum sealed bag in the sauce pan and wait an hour. After the hour, your marijuana is activated and ready to turn into marijuana edibles.
sous vide method for decarboxylation
Decarboxylation for marijuana, is the exact same method for cooking a steak.

Conclusion Decarboxlation for marijuana edibles?


If we are going to cook recipes that already have a great taste as a cake, brownie or similar, we do not have to worry much about maintaining the maximum terpenes, because the flavor here is the base. In these cases keeping the maximum of cannabinoids is enough.

Do you know tricks or other ways to decarboxylate cannabis? If so please let us know, and if you liked this article do not miss the opportunity to share it so it reaches more people.

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