Marijuana Leaves Curling – How to Fix Them

marijuana leaves curling

Marijuana leaves curling can be a huge problem in the grow room. While growing cannabis might seem to be easy, yet often issues develop that can hamper its development. Then we ask ourselves what might have triggered this problem. How can we prevent this from occurring in future grows?

As your marijuana plant starts to grow and expand, it will likewise boost its leave and also grow in height. Maybe eventually, you wake up and also see that your plant’s fallen leaves are curling. If this happens, there is something definitely wrong. You need to know what’s the issue with cannabis leaves curling and just how to fix them.

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What is “clawing”?

” Clawing” is the term offered when the cannabis leaves are huddling as well as down. This sensation is also called “The Claw.” Clawing takes place because of numerous factors, and as quickly as it happens, your plant needs unique attention and also needs to be treated, or else it will certainly hinder its growth, or it may pass away altogether. On no!

What are the reasons marijuana leaves curling, as well as how to fix them?

Clawing is a sign or signal that the marijuana plant is sick and also needs to be recovered – and quickly. Seeing the fallen leaves curling or clawing means that something is seriously incorrect. There are numerous causes why cannabis leaves have a tendency to curl up or down however do not worry because there are means to cure them – quickly as well.

We have actually listed several root causes of why cannabis leaves have a tendency to curl and how to heal them.

Overwatering the plant

We typically assume that when we water the plants, we keep them healthy constantly. That is not real. If we are not mindful in sprinkling the plants, it will certainly drown the plant’s origins. Apart from drowning the plant, it will additionally wash helpful microorganisms. Also, overwatering the plant constantly will attract parasites called Pythium, which can create root rot. This will certainly cause your plant to have claw-like leaves that will certainly inform you that they are saturated. This can be the leading cause of marijuana leaves curling.

To heal this, the first point you have to do is decrease the volume of water you are providing your plant. You can tell by their weight if they required to be watered. Another method to examine if your plants require water is to push the soil as well as see if it is dry or too wet.


Feeding the plant with excessive plant food is likewise not good. The excess dosage of nitrogen-rich vegetative growth base notes can cause the plants to delegate crawl or to huddle and also down. Exaggerating any vitamin or mineral-rich feeding to the plant will create the leaves to curl as well, and also it will burn the suggestions.

The best method to treat this is to have a feeding graph to control what you provide to your plant. It is feeding your plant with fertilizer; it is best to start slow-moving and reduced. Inspect the fallen leaves every day to see how the plant is reacting to the feeding procedure.

Too hot temperatire

Heat stress is harmful to your plant. It can take place both indoors as well as outdoor farming, as well as it can also burn the leaves. You may see your plant’s leaves curling with brownish tips. If you see these signs, then your plant might be struggling with heatstroke. This is a distress signal that you have to notice. The average temperature for your plant need to not more than 28 levels Celsius, and also anything above that is unsafe to your plant.

To be able to cure this, make sure that you change the temperature to your grow area. For interior growers, it is simple to adapt as well as to lower the temperature level. You might utilize a cooling system to cool off the temperature level. Regrettably, exterior farmers may have a little an issue controlling the temperature level or direct exposure to the warm. Many farmer uses a screen to shade to keep the plants somewhat cooler.

Too cold of temperature in your room

Much like hat tension, a freezing temperature level is not likewise appropriate for your plants. Winter can create curly fallen leaves too. Extended exposure to cool temperature levels, which is more than 10 levels, can trigger curly fallen leaves and also eliminate the plant. If it is captured with a high RH, buds will end up being wet, and also I might get ill.

Just include some more expand lights to boost it if the temperature level is high for interior cultivation. Weather is difficult to control outdoors, though, so for outside farmers, the best way to manage temperature level adjustment is to have an early harvest. The excellent temperature level for marijuana plants is 20 levels to 28 degrees Celsius.

Marijauna Genetics

Genetics will certainly inform us that if the moms and dad plants are healthy and balanced, they will also generate healthy and balanced spawn. In the situation of an undesirable moms and dad plant, it will additionally pass on some illness to the children plant that would certainly cause them to grow unhealthy.

Yes, growing marijuana can be delightful and simple, but it might additionally call for much of your interest, specifically in maintaining its wellness. The high quality of yield depends on your plant’s health and wellness. This is a sign that they are under distress if you occur to see that your plant is developing curly leaves. The tips that we have discussed will assist you recognize which among the above pointed out factors is causing the leaves of your plants to curl. Marijuana leaves curling is a major sign of stress, and is an early sign of unrepairable damange that can hinder growth.Though it can be healed, do not ignore the signs and do something today to cure them.

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