5 Marijuana Myths that You Probably Believe

marijuana myths

Many people are saying that marijuana is indeed immoral, unhealthy, and bad. Growing up, you’ve been told not to smoke or consume marijuana because it ruins a relationship. But the truth is, marijuana offers lots of health and therapeutic benefits. You’ve heard your parents, friends, families, teachers, church leaders who are saying that you don’t need to take marijuana because it destroys your humanity. People are also saying that you’ll rot in jail if you take in too much marijuana and that cops will be looking for you all over the place. Well, it is important to note that marijuana is legal in some states and countries.

Marijuana is a blessing from above and it offers too many medicinal benefits that are too hard to ignore. This medicinal plant has been used by countless people since the dawn of history. In fact, there are famous historical figures who were using weed in order to feel more relaxed and creative. Presidents, artists, and revolutionaries are using weed in order to come up with fresh ideas that can build and shape societies. George Washington, William Shakespeare, Pablo Picasso, and even Steve Jobs are known to be famous and genius potheads.

There are lots of myths regarding marijuana that you probably believe and this article should be able to help you get the facts straight. It is important that you know these things in order for you to provide answers to people who are asking whether or not marijuana is indeed bad for your health. Facts are very important and it is crucial that you know the truth.

Here are the Common Marijuana Myths

Marijuana can make you a bad and lazy individual

People think that cannabis users are lazy because they are ‘stoned’. They have this perception that marijuana users lie on couches doing nothing. Some even claim that marijuana users are useless and they have nothing else to do but lie on their couch smoking weed every day. But according to science, marijuana can also help individuals become more productive. This is because weed contains terpenes such as limonene that stimulates awareness and increases focus. Marijuana is also the best drug to herb if you are creating projects or finishing masterpieces. Weed is also known to provide clarity of the mind. But of course, you have to make sure that you take in the right dosage and that you check the THC level first.

Marijuana can kill your brain cells

A lot of people think that weed users are dumb and forgetful because their brains cells are slowly deteriorating. But this is not the truth. In fact, researchers stated that the use of marijuana can enhance brain activity. This is why many artists and inventors are smoking weed in order to come up with groundbreaking ideas and concepts. With the help of marijuana, your brain becomes more colorful and you will be able to think of uncommon yet positive thoughts about life. Marijuana does not kill brain cells and there is no study that proves such a claim.

Marijuana can cause cancer

People think that using marijuana can cause cancer and this is because they associate marijuana with the use of tobacco cigarettes. The truth is, tobacco is the leading cause of cancer, but marijuana helps in treating cancer. This is because marijuana contains THC, which is a chemical compound found in weed that is responsible for getting you high. This compound can help your body regulate or control RNA (ribonucleic acid). RNA is the one that keeps your cells dead or alive. RNA is the one responsible for coding the proliferation or spread of cancer cell data all over your body. The good news is, THC tells RNA to stop. And therefore, cancer is controlled.

5 Ways Marijuana Can Change Your Body’s Health

Marijuana is considered a gateway drug

How many times have you heard this myth? There is a recovery program in the US wherein medical practitioners give weed or marijuana to patients who are suffering from opioids addiction. This is because marijuana also contains a great level of anti-inflammation properties. Marijuana contains great compounds that act as a homeostatic agent, which helps your body and system in balance. Most experts suggest that legalizing marijuana can reduce heroin, cocaine, and meth addiction. Many states and countries are trying so hard to legalize marijuana in order to reduce the number of cocaine and meth addicts.

Marijuana consumption supports terrorism

They say that if you buy marijuana or weed you are supporting terrorism. But the truth is, you are supporting the health community. There are actually marijuana dispensaries that you can find near you. You don’t have to buy on the black market just to get weed or marijuana. Check the nearest legit and legal marijuana dispensaries near you. Support these dispensaries and you are supporting marijuana production that helps in relieving countless sickness and diseases.

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