Master Kush Strain: Easy To Grow Award-Winning Weed

Master Kush marijuana is one of the most popular indica dominant strains in Canada, particularly in the West Coast. Originally from Amsterdam, this hybrid has effects that can leave you with blissful creativity for hours on end. Award-winning, with a large following, Master Kush cannabis strain is not only a favorite for recreational use but has a laundry list of medical benefits as well including help with the relief of chronic pain and insomnia. It is an easy cannabis plant to cultivate both indoors or outdoors even for beginners. It usually takes about 8 to 10 weeks to mature and has great yields especially in warm and sunny climates. With THC levels reaching a high of 24%, these seeds are a must to add to any seed collection and to be cultivated because it is a marijuana lover’s delight.

 What is Master Kush Strain?

Master Kush weed is an indica dominant strain that is known to calm you down without the mental heaviness some indica strains can bring. It is an indica lover’s dream hybrid since it brings about a high that leaves you euphoric and relaxed for hours. Its medical benefits include it being a natural remedy for chronic pain, migraines, stress, and much more. Master Kush is a delight to cultivate even for the most novice breeders. It doesn’t need to much fuss and with the right environment, you will be able to yield an amazing harvest.

History of Master Kush Cannabis Strain

Master Kush, also called High Rise, first showed up in coffee shops around Amsterdam. It has then traveled and gained popularity throughout the world for its uniqueness on being a tetraploid strain. This means that unlike other cannabis strains that are diploid strains, Master Kush strain has the ability to increase in yield and potency. It has then gained more of a following in the cannabis community has won several awards and gotten shoutouts by artists like Snoop Dogg. Although it’s true origins are still a mystery some say that it comes from landraces from the Hindu Kush area that is located at the mountainous region at the Afganistan-Pakistan border.

Characteristics of Master Kush Weed Strain


The aroma that Master Kush brings with it is potent and distinct. It has the fragrance of mellow earth that has hints of sweet citrus with it. It is the kind of smell that lingers in the room long after the buds are gone.


Master Kush has tastes similar to its pungent fragrance. Its flavors are like that of a lemon tree. It is woody, sweet, and has citrus notes all at the same time.


With THC levels of up to 24%, Master Kush has effects that are truly potent. It doesn’t take much of it to get high, just a small dose and you will be feeling its buzz for hours. Master Kush has more of a body buzz and takes it easy on your mind. It brings with it a euphoric relaxation that melts you onto your couch immediately. It also has psychedelic effects that can bring on some intense visuals. A tingling and happy sensation will travel from the back of your head to every part of your body calming you down until you fall asleep. This strain is also known to make you feel hungry soon after the high sets in, so it’s best to have snacks nearby.

Flowering Time

For indoor cultivation, Master Kush strain can be ready for harvest in about 8 to 10 weeks. For those who wish to plant them outdoors, late September or early October are the best times for them as long as the climate is warm and sunny.


Master Kush is easy to grow and has above average yields whether you cultivate them indoors or outdoors. The only thing to take note of is that they thrive at their best in hot and tropical climates where there are tons of sunshine.

Medical Benefits

Master Kush has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties making this a great natural remedy to help with PMS, migraines, muscle spasms, headaches, joint pains, and moderate cases of chronic pain. It is also known to help with the side-effects that chemotherapy can bring on like insomnia, nausea, dizziness, loss of appetite, and anxiety. This strain can also help patients who suffer from depression, bipolar disorder, and PTSD.

How to Grow Master Kush Marijuana Strain?

Cultivating Master Kush cannabis plants is quite simple to do even if you don’t have that much experience breeding cannabis plants. They are resilient to common molds and mildew as well. You can plant them indoors or outdoors depending on your preference as long as you make sure that they are in a hot and sunny environment. They are pretty short plants so the ScrOG method is recommended for indoor cultivation. It is also best to top these plants off early to ensure lateral branching and maximum light exposure.

Master Kush Strain Review

Experienced stoner ~ In my search for greatKush, I tried a lot and this deserves its name. I planted it indoors and set up a really nice space with ventilation and the works. It gave me a whole load of stuff to smoke and keep If you don’t have the time to commit to taking care of a plant but want one that’ll give you good returns for the precious lovin’, Master Kush is it.

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