Microdosing Magic Mushrooms: Complete Guide 2021

microdosing magic mushrooms

You are looking to attempt microdosing magic mushrooms after hearing about its many advantages. Yet you do not know where to start? Well, you have come to the right spot at MOM Canada! If microdosing is something hearing for the first time, this guide will help you get on your feet and a correct start.

As defined microdosing is consuming sub-perceptual-unnoticeable-amounts of psychedelic compounds. So the goal of microdosing is not to have a big visible adjustment in state of mind or, altered state of consciousness. You are you expected to have any type of visual experiences that you get with a normal mushroom dosage.

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How Much Should I Microdose?

No microdose amount will be the very same for every person. The typical range for a microdose (of dried out stems) is 0.15-0.3 g. Dr. James Fardiman gave cautious suggestions in his publication, “Psychedelic Explorer’s Guide” when microdosing. If you rapidly desire to discover what dosage is best for you then take a higher dose that will certainly amass an obvious effect, then dial it down until you hit a sweet spot, where the obvious altered stat and visuals are no longer noticable.

Exactly how Often Should I be microdosing magic mushrooms?

Dr. Fardiman suggests taking a microdose every three days as well as in the early morning. The 2nd timetable is for the a little ‘skilled’ individual, and also that is to take a microdose every weekday (e.g. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and so on). The 3rd schedule is taking a microdose every various other day, which amounts to 3-4 times a week.

It’s important to take notes on just how you really feel throughout this time so you can track the temporary results as well as the long-term effects. An additional piece of recommendations is to potentially take a day off of job or any various other pushing duties that you might have.

microdosing magic mushrooms

What’s the most effective Form to microdosing magic mushrooms?


To combat this variance, the ideal method for microdosing magic mushrooms is in a powder type. Bear in mind to weigh the microdose quantity prior to they are turned into a powder. There are a range of means to disperse the microdoses for easier ingesting.

There are lots of other ways to microdose besides the pill form. An additional prominent approach is making a mushroom tea with your microdose. It’s simple to make and also can be really soothing, particularly when combined with honey.

To correctly store your mushrooms, store them in an amazing, dark, and dry location. If there is no light, dampness, or heat to influence the psilocybin, the expiry date must be a few years or also longer.
Where Can I Get Mushrooms to Microdose?

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