#1 Moby Dick Strain: A Winning Indica-Dominant Cannabis Hybrid

Moby Dick is a strain that has originated from Amsterdam. It is known as one of the strongest Sativa strains with its awesome cerebral stimulation. It has high THC content which it takes from its very potent parents White Widow and Haze. You can count on Moby Dick to help you with stress, depression, and pain. It is also a very easy strain to cultivate because it grows fast and can resist mold and mildew attacks.

What is Moby Dick Strain?

Moby Dick is a THC-potent strain and a very strong sativa variety. It is not just known within growers and consumer circles but it is widely popular for its awards. Moby Dick is the winner of the ‘Girl of the Year’ an award given by Soft Secrets in 2010. This award, in particular, has launched this sativa strain to the stratosphere making it one of the most sought-after strains.

This strain came from Amsterdam, where potent and very powerful strains have evolved. This was made by combining a powerful White Widow and an awesome sativa Haze. White Widow is known as one of the most incredible strains which may have parented quite a number of strains in the country. Haze, on the other hand, has also made its name in the cannabis breeding industry as one of the most potent strains.

Moby Dick is a blessing for growers. It has a very short flowering stage that lasts only 9 weeks. It can give you an amazing yield with buds that smell sweet and citrusy. This potent strain is also resistant to most diseases that affect cannabis plants as well as molds and mildew adding to its ease of use.

This strain is not just a good recreational strain but it also has analgesic, mood-elevating, and relaxing effects. Moby Dick can deal with pain, stress, and depression due to its moderately-high THC levels. Therefore if you are looking for a strain that will work well with pain and mood disorders then you might want to try Moby Dick. Talk to your doctor.

Effects of Moby Dick strain

Moby Dick strain is a strain that will give you an overwhelming relaxing experience. It is a tough strain to beat when it comes to its fantastic euphoric high which will make you feel happy and uplifted. You won’t immediately fall asleep with this strain. You will be able to enjoy its cerebral effects and even get a chance to work on different activities that require focus and attention.

In moderate amounts, you will be able to handle this strain well. You might feel a bit overwhelmed and even slightly paranoid when you use this strain for the first time. You will be able to get different tasks done with a song and this is why some people prefer to use this in the morning than in the evening.

Together with the many recreational and medical effects of Moby Dick, there are also negative effects which you need to understand to completely enjoy this potent strain. First of all, this causes dry mouth and dry eyes. These are two very common side effects due to its moderately high THC levels. THC causes an increase in blood flow to the different parts of the body and this includes the minute blood vessels of the eyes and mouth. When there is increased blood flow, the area becomes warm, reddish and dry.

Still another side effect of MobyDick includes dizziness, headaches, and slight paranoia. These effects are very common in people who are novice users and have just taken this strain for the first time. Usually, taking Moby Dickin moderation can reduce these effects. Taking this naturally for days can also help you develop tolerance and this includes less negative effects as well.

Medical effects of this Strain Moby Dick strain

Moby Dick is also a therapeutic strain which can help deal with a number of conditions. This strain can help get rid of stress and depression with its very powerful mood-elevating features. You can use this strain to improve mood, get rid of negative emotion and help you cope with your daily life.

You can also use this strain to deal with pain. Because of its very powerful natural analgesic effects, you can stop all kinds of pain including headaches, migraines, muscle pains, muscle strains and all kinds of chronic pains. You don’t need to use synthetic medications which can do more harm than good.

Moby Dick can also help with nausea which is a common medical condition in patients undergoing medical treatments like chemotherapy. Patients usually suffer from nausea; vomiting and poor appetite and these may be relieved naturally with cannabis strains like Moby Dick.

Before you use Moby Dick to treat any medical condition, be sure to talk to your doctor. Don’t immediately take this marijuana strain for any condition or discontinue your medication. Only your doctor can discontinue or change your medication.

Characteristics of Moby Dick strain

  • Smell – piney, citrusy and sweet
  • Taste – sweet and lemony
  • Effects – relaxed euphoria
  • Flowering Time – 90 to 70 days
  • Growing – easy
  • Height – 80 inches
  • THC -21 inches
  • CBD – .68%
  • Lineage – White Widow and Haze

How to Grow Moby Dick strain?

If you are thinking of growing Moby Dick so you can have a steady supply for recreation or for medicinal use, its best to start growing itindoors. Although you can grow this strain indoors or outdoors, it’s still bestto cultivate this strain indoors.

Indoors, you will be able to monitor your plants’ health and development closely plus give it the best treatment according to its growing needs. Another reason to grow this plant indoors is to protect its large buds and for stealth growing.

Indoor or Outdoor Growing

There are many advantages to growing outdoors. Aside from getting free light, air, water, and nutrients from the soil, outdoor growing will give your plants a lot of room to stretch. However, growing indoors will allow you to train your plants to improve your yields. You don’t need to worry about pests and molds which can affect your plants because these are resistant to mold and mildew.

Feeding your Moby Dick Plants

You can postpone feeding your seedlings until these are transferred to their permanent pot. These small plants will use up the nutrients found in the peat cubes or growth cubes where you planted it. Once your plants have grown more roots, additional leaves and stronger stems, transfer these to permanent growing pot. Here, your plants would have to be fed with fertilizer that contains more nitrogen because this element can help grow stronger and healthier stems, leaves and branches.

By the time your plants reach their flowering stage, these will cease vertical and horizontal growth. This time is completely dedicated to growing buds. At this stage, your plants need fertilizer with more potassium and phosphorus and with low nitrogen. Potassium and nitrogen will help develop larger and denser buds and can even help improve yields.

What to Do With Nutrient Problems

Being new to feeding your plants with fertilizer and being too eager to feed your plants can lead to conditions like nutrient toxicity and deficiency. It’s very important that nutrients are balanced to ensure plant health. Some elements also affect the way other elements are absorbed by the roots. It’s best to get a baseline data of your soil content to provide the ideal elements or minerals to the mix.

Indeed, you will save a lot of money making your own fertilizer mix but beginners should stick to a commercial mix because this has equal amount so nutrients and will prevent any nutrient problems in the future.

Usually, nutrient deficiencies are seen in plants’ leaves. Changes in color or texture of the leaves will help identify certain deficiencies.

Training your Plants Early

Your plants should be trimmed, pruned or topped to improve yields. Removing large leaves found at the bottom canopy is important.  This will help improve air circulation at the bottom of the plants and will also allow light to penetrate this area as well.

Moby Dick Strain Review

People who have tried Moby Dick agree that this strain is perfect for afternoon fun and laughter. It will cheer you up and make you forget your worries even for a few hours. Many recommend this strain for its deep body relaxation and for its many medical benefits.

People who use this strain for medical treatments say that it will be able to help with insomnia and sleeplessness. These people swear that it is one of the most potent strains that they have ever consumed. If you want to cultivate this strain, care for and harvest your plants well to get the best yields whether you are growing your plants indoors or outdoors.

Finally, people who have grown this strain say that it is very easy to cultivate. Apart from being easy to grow, you can also guarantee better yields and quicker growing times. So whether you are using this strain for medical or recreational use, it pays to understand its effects and negative effects.
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