Moon Rocks: THC Hit That Will Send You to Space

What Are Moon Rocks And How Are They Made?

moon rocks


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Moon rocks are everything you have heard about and more! If you are looking to experience the full, natural experience of THC. These freaky, beautiful rocks are for you.

And if you have a traveler’s soul, Moon Rocks will be your best option.

Understood as cannabis caviar, Moon Rocks are capable of delivering the whole new level of high. These little pieces of weed art can load a punch, so you require to make certain your tolerance to THC is on sufficient levels.

In this short article, we’ll assist you understand what Moon Rocks are and how to make your own cannabis caviar in the house.

Let’s go over the basics to start with.


Explaining the Term: Moon Rocks

While the name might indicate a freshly invented cannabis pressure, Moon Rocks are, in fact, some sort of a weed experiment. They were presumably first produced by famous West Coast rap artist Kurrupt in cooperation with the dispensary Starbudz760. The rapper even developed his own version of Moon Rocks called „ Kurrupt Moonrock.”

Moon Rocks are like THC bombs– however in essence, they’re just cannabis buds (initially Girl Scout Cookies, but any stress will do the jon) sprayed with or dipped in hash oil, then covered completely in kief.

Despite the varying strength and stress utilized in the production of Moon Rock, these abundant nuggets included around 50% THC, which is a smooth bridge between cigarette smoking marijuana flowers and dabbing focuses.


Moon Rocks or Cannabis Caviar? Various Names for the Same Product

If you’re familiar with the marijuana vocabulary, then you likewise understand that this culture blossoms with different labels for the most typical weed items and ideas.

It shouldn’t come to anyone’s surprise that Moon Rocks go by the same token. One of the most popular, and probably most suitable nicknames for these creations is cannabis caviar or weed caviar.

People utilize these terms interchangeably, but some marijuana users refer to buds sprayed with hash oil without chief as weed caviar. In either case, both items included an above-average THC material.

The Benefits of Moon Rocks

To start with, Moon Rocks will come in useful when your tolerance to THC gets so high that you only get mild effects from smoking flowers.

They can get you insanely high, so when approaching Moon Rocks for the very first time, make sure you have nothing prepared ahead later that day.


Since you won’t get anything done afterwards. A space Rock is a, one and done” smoke, suggesting a very small quantity can get you baked for a long period of time.

On the medical note, Moon Rocks offer lasting relief from serious signs, such as persistent pain, swelling, frustrating tension, or depression. The relief features very little effort.

Nevertheless, to bring into play the benefits of these space Rocks, you need to surpass the smoking session first. Let’s see what it feels like to smoke moon rocks.


What’s it Like to Get High on Moon Rocks?

Moon Rocks aren’t for newbies, nor are they always a good source of cannabinoids for skilled users. To endure the effectiveness provided by Moon Rocks, you need to be a savvy marijuana veteran.

The very cigarette smoking experience feels wonderful, as it allows you to taste the resinous part of your marijuana (hash oil and trichomes in the form of kief), however the smoke itself can be severe due to the high levels of THC.

When breathing in the smoke, you’re providing the entire selection of scents and tastes from the strain, hash oil, and kief– it’s certainly a must-try experience for all the flavor chasers out there.

The high starts with a strong cerebral rush, eventually creeping down the body to let you accept total physical relaxation. The first 30 minutes may lead you to believe the high starts to fade off, however in fact, it’s just a short silent duration before the storm.

An hour later, you’ll recognize that you’re high as an airplane and you’re not going to land any time soon. The buzz will take a form of hazy and giggly state of mind, which might later glue you to the sofa if you overdo it with the sticky sprayed treat.

In other words, be gotten ready for hours of blissful and, at the exact same time, soothing high that might even remind of itself the morning after your moonrock session.

How to Make Your Own Moon Rocks in Several Simple Steps

Making DIY your own Rocks is exceptionally easy. All you need is a little bit of perseverance and standard manual skills to make these mouthwatering developments when you gather the equipment.
Active ingredients:

  • Your favorite cannabis pressure
  • Hash oil
  • A complete bowl of kief collected from the grinder
  • Thongs
  • A dropper


  • Get a nug of your cannabis stress, preferably a denser one due to the fact that it will have the ability to hold more kief and oil together.
  • Prepare the hash oil by warming it approximately the desired consistency
  • Utilize the dropper to completely cover the flower in the oil.
  • Grab the dipped nugget with your tongs and roll it in kief up until it gets completely covered.
  • Repeat that process till you run out of nugs.
  • Transfer your Rocks onto a cooling rack and dry it up until it’s ready for usage.

Getting one of the most Out of Your Moon Rocks

Below we provide you a cool cheat sheet for ensuring you get the smoothest experience with Moon Rocks:

  • Smoke your rocks from glass wares. You’ll end up with a lost item and an incredible mess if you attempt to roll them up in a joint.
  • Add some Moon Rocks on top of the flower if you want to spice up your high.
  • When you have a busy day, do not utilize Moon Rocks. This “weed on steroids” is so strong that it will keep you in the “I do not provide a damn” mindset for the rest of the day.
  • Moon Rocks are understood for causing a heavy case of cottonmouth and munchies, so first, you require to remain well hydrated; and 2nd– prepare your preferred treats or obtain a hearty meal, whether homemade or bought.

Are Moon Rocks on your bucket list? Or did you already attempt them?

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