Mail Order Marijuana In Nova Scotia
mail order marijuana in nova scotia

Residents of Nova Scotia can now have the convenience as they buy real marijuana products because we created a website where an order can be completed online so there is no need to take rides and search for legal medical weed strains dispensaries that are quite hard to find in the local area. Weed products offered by our mail order marijuana store range from bud form to tinctures, hash, extracts and delicious THC treats that are sure to satisfy your taste buds.

Buying real marijuana products from a mail order store like us gives more advantage when it comes to convenience in buying, professional service and a wide range of high-quality weed products. To bring Nova Scotia’s residents with the finest, top quality weed products, we are working in conjunction with chefs and growers who share the same passion as ours.

What we are offering in M.O.M. Canada are real marijuana products for sale that are the same as what you can find in a local legal weed strains dispensary. However, to purchase from us is made more convenient because your order can be completed even at home through our online ordering system or by simply filling out the printable PDF order form.

Residents of Nova Scotia in areas such as Sydney, Yarmouth & Halifax who are medical marijuana cardholders can take advantage of our discount prices. Prove to us your medical condition and we can reduce the price for you. Additional information can be obtained by clicking the medical condition discount page.

Make your purchase of buds, tinctures, extracts, hash, and other delicious THC treats through our mail order weed strains store and we will process the delivery as soon as possible to any address you prefer- at home, office or wherever you want us to ship the order. If you make an order of over $200, we are glad to inform you that shipping is free of charge. Shipping times can vary depending on where you are in Canada.


  1. This year I was told I have COPD and Asthma..I do not have a marijuana licence…How do I get a licence to get oil for my condition. Having to breath in aresol cans is making me loose my voice and not really helping my conditon..

  2. Hi, I am new to Nova Scotia and don’t have a family doctor. I suffer from depression and have been on medication for over 10 years. I’m 35 but don’t have a marijuana licence. Can I still order from your site?

    • Hi Sarah,
      Please leave a message in our online chat support for more instructions. Thanks

  3. my mother suffers from osteoarthritis in her lower back. drs say theres not much that can be done. they have given her opioid pain killers which shes dosent like to take because they cloud her head too much. my questions are can you recomend and supply a high cbd low thc product that could help and is it indeed legal to buy an accessible without a perscription. please respond by email. thanks.

    • Yes there is a string exactly for what you are describing your problem as it’s called Charlotte’s Web and it is made right here in Canada and no one else can make it cuz it’s patented or something but anyway it is completely strong and will help with Mother’s problems along with some other things check it out Charlotte’s Web.

  4. Will my drug plan from work cover some of the price for my order

  5. What can I purchase from u guys

    • Explore on our website Jason. Lots of product to choose.

  6. on taxi to get to the clinic to get my marijuana prescription for my pain manage t. now being a black man I’m well aware of the different service I can receive at the same spots as my white counter parts . ie banks stores etc. so when I went into clinic with emergency room Dr’s prescription of pills and I showed them a sheet I was asked to get filled out by a local medicinal marijuana store. the Dr at the clinic tells me to my face “we don’t issue marijuana prescriptions here. “…now I’ve done a lot of research h. and I know that’s not true. even the marijuana clinic told me to go to wolfville clinic and so did emergency room Dr. so now I’m home with unfilled prescription for pain and I really only want marijuana I thought it was my right to ask and to receive it. I’m 41 black with no criminal convictions. I don’t smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol so I’m confused why every white person I’ve talked to tells me wolfville clinic will do it. yet today I went in and was made to feel as if I was asking for something illegal it was frustrating and hurtful to think I finally after 20 years went to do the right thing and ask for legal marijuana rather than buy it in the street and I’m made to feel as if I have no idea what I’m talking about. I need a Dr letter saying my knee has been broken for 10 years and that the joints and miniscule are ruptured and unless there is surgery it is a life long dibilatting injury. I’m 230lbs and have 3 small kids under 5 I can sometimes barely pick them.up and walk with them. my knee doesn’t want to carry my own weight aside from my kids. I can’t work as much now. I want to apply for disability credits thru income tax and again I was told no I need Dr supporting documents. but how does a black man get this if the first response for everything is “no”.

    my bank still asks me for my bancard and photo ID btw. just in case I’m a criminal
    so I imagine the clinic had there own thoughts of me
    I want marijuana for my injury that was sustained after an assault by a white man who kicked my knee out while I tried to break up a fight. now 10 years ago I’m still paying for it pain. no compinsation no charges and cannot get anyone to listen to me about me taking control of my pain medicine .I come from a town where there are pill addicts everywhere. I’m not into that it shouldn’t be a crime to ask for help with pain management and marijuana prescriptions.
    pleas help advice would be great and I can’t get to halifax to seek out a Dr. why are Dr in the valley douches ?no family Dr since 2007 when mime retired it’s been clinics and out patients with family Dr’s saying no more patients. so medicine is available l I just can’t have it because I don’t have a family dr
    Shane Ford

    • Screw you you black Racist Prick… This isn’t 1950s Montgomery Alabama stop talking like we’re racist up here well I am !!!
      David… Halifa.

    • What you need is called ” Charlotte’s Web”. High CBD’s and no THC. Relief without the “high”.

  7. Is a Dr.s prescription required?

    • Hi Debbie, You can order without a prescription.

  8. 178 upper Brookfield rd. Brookfield nova scotia

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