Easy Payment Methods for your Mail Order Marijuana Order

Mail Order Marijuana payment methods have evolved over the years, all in the aim to create the best user experience. Gone are the days (thankfully) of meeting a shady, weed dealer in a car and paying cash. There are plenty of payment options available, and each has the benefits. Here are some of the payment options that MOM Canada has evolved to offer, and some of their benefits.

payment methods

Payment Methods that MOM accepts:

Interac e-transfer

This is probably the most common form of payment over the last 10 years. It provides the convenience of online banking. One of the biggest reasons interac e-transfers have grown in popularity over the years is security. E-transfers offer:

  • Authentication and transaction end-to-end encryption
  • Financial institution authentication on both the sender and receiver’s end
  • Proprietary risk management
  • Confidential User IDs and passwords
  • Secure login process
  • Security questions and answer
  • Two-Factor Autentication (2-FA)

Tips for a positive e-transfer experience include:

  • Exercising caution to who you are sending the money to. Treat it has a cash transaction
  • Always use a strong password to your bank. Make sure you do not share it.
  • Turn on 2-FA whenever possible. Regular login and a text message confirming your login to your bank.

Want to know how to send an Interac e-transfer? You can check it here.

Bitcoin (and all other crytpocurrencies)

Bitcoin and other alt currencies have really come a long way over the years. First, extremely daunting to set up or even own. Now buying crpytocurrency with your credit card is extremely easy to do! Even buying crypto with an e-transfer is all possible.

Why would you want to pay with Bitcoin or cryptocurrency?

  • User Autonomy. No intermediary authority such as a bank or government
  • Discretion. Bitcoin purchases are not associated with any personal identity
  • Peer-to-Peer Focus. Users are able to send and receive payments to anyone on the network with no middle man, anywhere in the world.
  • Elimination of banking fees. There are no minimum balances or monthly fees with your crypto account.
  • Low transaction fees. Completely avoiding wire transfer fees for foreign purchases. Also transactions are extremely quick!
  • Mobile payments. Can be made anywhere in the world with internet access. Personal information again is not required when using it as one of the payment methods.
  • Accessibility. Populations in areas without access to traditional banking services are not left out.

payment methods

Credit Cards

The most traditional form of payment for customers. It offers customers a sense of comfort using this traditional payment method. Customers often get their own rewards program for spending on credit card which is an advantage for the user. However, their are some drawbacks on to using credit cards for some users on Mail Order Marijuana sites. Some disadvantages are:

  • Complete lack of anonymity
  • High transaction fees. Often passed on to the customer.
  • Often a length process of confirming microtransactions (small deposits) on the customers credit card account that need to be confirmed first, before the order is processed.
  • Countries such as the USA has access to this information, and depending on the processor could cause issues when travelling.

Cash (mailed to MOM)

Probably the most anonymous form of payment there is today. Cash has always been anonymous and the most widely accepted form of payment pretty much anywhere. If you are looking for the most anonymous way to complete your

You may ask yourself what is the most common payment method for your MOM transaction? Without a doubt it is interac e-transfer for Canadians. They have become an essential driving vehicle for the Canadian economy. The speed, security and ease have allowed it to reach 96% of competed payment purchases! The ease with mobile, simply adding a contact to your list and sending them money is a huge advantage that Canadians enjoy with low or even zero fees for some accounts.


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