Mail Order Marijuana In Peterborough

Are you looking for the best place where you can buy real marijuana products without the need of going to a local medical weed dispensary in Peterborough? You are in the right place with us because we are a mail-order marijuana store where you can purchase weed for sale simply by just filling out the electronic or printable order form we provide on the website.

We named our company as M.O.M. Canada and we aim to provide residents of Peterborough with full access to different weed products without requiring them to go to a medical marijuana dispensary because we understand that weed dispensary locations are difficult to find in Peterborough. We are offering delicious THC treats and our edible foods include chocolate loaf, brownies, banana bread loaf, ginger molasses cookie, and other tasty sweets.

Peterborough residents can now buy real marijuana products with ease through the two ordering options we are offering. One is by filling out the printable PDF order form. Contact us through our website for details on where payment should be sent. Send your payment and wait for the tracking number and delivery of your order to whatever address in Peterborough that you will indicate in the order form.

The second ordering option would be through an electronic online form. All you need to do is put a checkmark on the boxes around the weed products you want to purchase. Submit your order and wait for the payment details to be sent to the email address that you will provide us. Once payment is settled, we will process the delivery of your order as soon as possible. Remember that our company will not charge you for shipping cost if you order more than $200. Present us with a medical marijuana card or prove to us your medical condition and we will give you discounts on your purchases. Please click on the medical condition discount page for further details.

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