1. Powerhouse Dank Sinatra Strain Has THC Levels That Hit 33%

Fly to the moon with a powerful hit that packs a whopping THC level of 33%. Dank Sinatra strain has the full spectrum of effects as it is a hybrid with the best of the characteristic hits of both the indica and sativa type. This weed has the DNAgenetics of a rare marijuana plant and a notorious one. With an amazingly beautiful structure and aromas that fill the air, the flavor blend includes that of citrus high notes that’ll have you feeling like a crooner. The breeder of this weed says that it has naturalMajik that’ll transport you back into the time when life was much more simple. This powerhouse pot deserves a limelight spot in any grower’s garden as it does have one of the most potent buds in the cannabis plant kingdom.

What is Dank Sinatra Strain?

This power-packed hybrid is 70% indica and 30% sativa. Bred by Bodhi Seeds, this indica-dominant weed strain is a result of crossing LA Affie mother cut with 88 g13/hashplant. The THC levels of this pot are on the extremely high level as it ranges from 25 percent to an incredible, mind-blowing 33%. A super stunner, this weed has an incense-like smoke aroma with a hashish harsh throat hit. Dank sinatra is available only as regular seeds. Medium in height, it is moderately easy to grow. Dank sinatra cannabis strain has fluffy light to dark green buds that have long orange pistils that are covered with dew-like trichomes when this dark green-leafed plant is ready for harvest.

History of Danksinatra Cannabis Strain

This hybrid bred by Bodhi Seeds was made as a tribute for the grandfather of the owner. The grandpa was an old school comedian who was super cool and loved smoking swishers then would listen to Frank Sinatra songs. The mother plant from where the cutting was obtained is a rare LA Affie that has the same DNA genetics of L.A.Confidential weed strain. The other parent plant was cut from a 1988 Hashplantmale. Dank sinatra weed has Kush heritage and has a strong citrus terpene profile. Bodhi Seeds is a family-owned company that grows organic marijuana. The Dank Sinatra strain seeds have an above-average germination rate and most of their plants such as this one have an excellent quality standard.

Characteristics of Dank Sinatra Weed Strain


The heavy primary aroma of this weed strain is that of pungent hash. It has the fuel smell with the incense-like Kush odor. It has a lemony scent due to the terpene profile and is notably dank.


This weed has a strong harsh taste in the flavor blend. It has the richness of deep earth and a strong citrus fruit flavor.


Dank Sinatra strain provides an extra powerful hit that’ll make the mind get a stoney euphoric daze fast. Long-lasting, it has the body-numbing powers that can lead to couch-lock. It is a stoner’s weed for those truly high moments that provide the total relaxation for both the mind and body. It makes one feel calm and sedated. A mood-booster, it has the ultimate cool and classic high that is amplified. It can make a person feel drowsy and lethargic. For those who can handle high THC levels, this weed works as a social strain, making one more talkative and outgoing.

Flowering Time

Dank Sinatra marijuana is a photo period strain which means that it requires the changing of light cycles to flower. The flowering time is from 8 to 10 weeks.


This weed strain is moderately easy to grow. Danksinatra strain can be cultivated indoors and outdoors.

Medical Use

This medical marijuana provides excellent pain relief for those who suffer from chronic pain, back pain, neck pain, and other body aches. It aids in getting rid of eye pressure. It is a muscle relaxant and can aid in getting rid of fatigue. It is a highly-effective stress reliever. It is an anti-depressant and is used to treat severe depression and mood disorders. It is an excellent all-natural sleep aid and can be used to cure insomnia.

How to Grow Danksinatra Marijuana Strain?

This indica-dominant strain is short in height. It will thrive in dry and partial-sun to full sun conditions. If the conditions are humid, it might get powdery mildew and/or mold. This marijuana plant requires pruning. It should be topped early for it to have an even canopy. Upon harvesting, make sure that the curing process is done properly as these buds have to be very dry before being properly stored.

Danksinatra Strain Review

Stoner from Brooklyn ~ This weed strain took me by surprise as I never thought that it could pack such a hit. I tried a lot of pot but this one totally works to make me get that much-needed sleep I have been yearning for. It has that diesel smell and that of fruits, so strong that I gotta get the ventilation on. Those buds are a wonderland that hides a lot of escape rooms in it and just by taking a couple of puffs of Danksinatra strain, I am done and super happy with it.

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