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What Are Disposable Distillate Pen?

A distillate pen is another world for a vaporizer but it’s as small and handy as a pen. Inside the pen is a small heating element that gently heats the extracts or oil inside the cartridge and the smoke that’s released is inhaled through the pen.

Since this is disposable, it will only work for one use. Usually, the cartridge is fixed in the pen so there's no way to remove it, change it or refill it. Also, the battery inside the pen is good for only a few uses. There's no way to recharge or change the battery inside the pen.

Disposable distillate pens are easy to use and the different strain flavors are available. If you want a strain that can wake you up then try a sativa distillate and if you want to relax then an indica is the best choice.

How Not To Use Distillate Pens?

There are right ways and wrong ways to use distillate pens. When it comes to the things you should never do when using distillates check if you are getting a disposable or reusable pen. If you have a disposable pen, you can’t use it more than once. You won’t be able to reuse this.

Also, when you use disposable distillate pens, don't share it. A pen is your item and if you do share them, you'll end up getting sick. So whatever happens, never share your vape and cartridges.

Concerning distillate pens and how these are purchased, pens and cartridges are usually sold separately. But with disposable distillate pens, the pen comes with a small number of concentrates or oils. The vaping pen is very expensive while the prices of the cartridges vary depending on the type of strain, amount and the seller or manufacturer.

Also, when buying cartridges, buy one that’s compatible with your pen. Some cartridges are too large or too small so it’s best to buy the same brand of cartridges and vaping pens instead.

Are There Rules About Using Distillate Pens?

Depending on your location, vaping products may be prohibited from use. Some countries and US states that prohibit cannabis, vaping liquids and distillates may also be illegal. Therefore you should take time to understand the local laws in your area if cannabis and vaping are legal or not.