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History Of Hash

Hash is a drug made from the resin coming from a cannabis plant. It has been consumed for centuries now and there is no clear evidence where it was initially smoked and who invented it. Countries like Nepal and North India have a long tradition of hash production which was known as charas. The very first reports of hash use were mentioned in Cairo in 1123 CE with Nizani Muslims described as hash eaters.

Smoking hashish did not become popular in the Old World until tobacco smoking was introduced. And until then, hashish was only considered as an edible. Jan Huyhen van Linschoten, a Dutchman has spent three pages of his historical work describing Egyptian hashish.

Hashish arrived in Europe coming from the east in the 18th century. In 1839, a comprehensive study of the Himalayan hemp was done and this was recognized by the European school of medicine. In this study, hashish was used as relief of cramps and for the relief of symptoms of cholera, rabies, and tetanus.

Nowadays, hashish is known in local and international trade and some countries support the use of hash while some countries prohibit its use.

What is the Best Way To Take Hash?

The best method to take hash depends on the user. If you are new to taking hash or products made from hash, take this moderately and use edible products because edibles take time to take effect. Most edibles laced with hash can take effect after 40 to 60 minutes. You must be patient, don’t take another dose until the first one has kicked in otherwise you’ll experience terrible side effects and an unpleasant high.

Meanwhile, if you are a seasoned cannabis user then you can light up a few pieces of hash using a bong, pipe or joint. By inhaling hash, you’ll be able to experience its potent effects quicker.

Is Taking Hash For Everyone?

Sadly, taking hashish is not everyone's cup of tea. Hash sold in the market has varying levels of quality and thus it's hard to find the one that will suit you best. Also, hash is not as pure and as efficient as extracts and concentrates and therefore, it might not be good for people who need medical or therapeutic relief. And unless you are using manufactured hash products, you might find it difficult to dose up on blocks of hash. Therefore, leave hash use to well-experienced users.